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Medal of Honor Recipient Sues Defense Contractor

A U.S. Marine given the nation’s highest award for valor is suing a defense contractor that he says ridiculed his Medal of Honor, called him mentally unstable and suggested he had a drinking problem, thereby costing him a job. Dakota … Continue reading

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Senate passes controversial defense bill

Follow up to my previous post Secret operations are essential in war on November 27th concerning Senate bill S 1867. The Senate on Tuesday rejected an effort to strip divisive provisions from a defense bill that deal with the capture and … Continue reading

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Pelosi Bashes Catholics: “They Have This Conscience Thing”

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is at it again, bashing Catholics for their pro-life position when she has promoted abortion in defiance of Catholic Church teaching at every turn. This time, Pelosi is upset that the nation’s Catholic bishops are … Continue reading

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Outrage and Unacceptable In L.A.

This speaks for itself. Thanks to Sgt Grit for drawing attention to it.

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Secret operations are essential in war

Some people may or may not realize that we are at war, and just as our brave men and women in uniform, some of continue to fight, even on the holidays. Some of us fight by exposing the deception that … Continue reading

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Top Marine: Nation doesn’t grasp impact of massive budget cuts on Defense

Additional Pentagon spending cuts would be dangerous and force the military to cut everything from personnel to ammunition to training, according to Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos. In an interview with The Hill, the nation’s top Marine officer warned … Continue reading

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Agenda 21 – Born in the U.S.A., Raised in the U.N. Part 4

For those of you who have honored me by reading and following this series, you may see a turn in direction in this installment, I will be doing what I have notice not many people doing, direct citations of Commission … Continue reading

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Another Reference to the Mayan Prediction of the 2012 Apocalypse Found?

MEXICO CITY (The Blaze/AP) — A second reference to the ancient Mayan prediction of the apocalypse has been found, Mexico’s archaeology institute acknowledged Thursday, a break from downplaying theories that any such prediction of a 2012 apocalypse exists. Most experts … Continue reading

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Report: Reagan, Bush not liable in Iran-Contra

WASHINGTON — One of the prosecutors who investigated the Iran-Contra affair concluded two decades ago that neither Ronald Reagan nor George H.W. Bush was criminally liable in the scandal that tarnished the presidencies of both men, according to reports made … Continue reading

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12 charged with voter fraud in Georgia election

Law enforcement officials have charged 12 people with using absentee ballots to skew an election in Georgia. “As a result of their grand jury findings, 12 individuals were indicted in that particular matter and we will be trying that case … Continue reading

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Occupiers to Terrorize Bargain Shoppers

The nihilistic Occupy Wall Street movement is poised to blunder into what may be its greatest tactical mistake to date. The thugs of the Occupy movement, which serves as a natural magnet for criminals, malingerers, and drifters, are planning to … Continue reading

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A Special Thank You

I could write pages upon pages of the many things that I am thankful for. I could write how I am thankful to God for watching out for me. I could write how thankful I was born in the greatest … Continue reading

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New Occupy Movement

Source :  

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Major OOPS! Booklet With Details on Obama’s Australian Visit Found in Street

The Australian government says it is investigating how a classified booklet detailing Barack Obama’s itinerary came to be lost in a gutter during the president’s visit last week. Journalist Dylan Welch of The Age newspaper reported that he found the 120-page booklet … Continue reading

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Hey Glenn, Wonder No More, Here’s Who May Have Paid For The “Bat Signal”

Yesterday,18 November, 2011, Glenn Beck talked about an article that appeared on The Blaze, “‘WE ARE WINNING’: ‘BAT SIGNAL’ PROJECTION APPEARS ON NYC SKYSCRAPER DURING MASS NIGHTTIME ‘OCCUPY’ MARCH” . During his conversation he pondered, asked (I paraphrased), “Who was paying … Continue reading

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The Obama Administration and the O.W.S. (Occupy Wall Street) protesters.

Obama on Occupy Wall Street ‘We Are on Their Side’ The most important thing we can do right now is those of us in leadership letting people know that we understand their struggles and we are on their side, and … Continue reading

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Military Investigates Memorial Cross at Camp Pendleton

Military officials at Camp Pendleton are investigating a cross that was erected by a group of former Marines to honor their fallen colleagues, after an atheist group objected to the monument. “Camp Pendleton legal authorities are researching and reviewing the … Continue reading

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And The Lies Continue – Contractors Claim Administration Pressed to ‘Soften’ Job-Loss Estimates From Mining Rule

The Obama administration pressured analysts to change an environmental review to reflect fewer job losses from a proposed regulation, the contractors who worked on the review testified Friday. The dispute revolves around proposed changes to a rule regulating coal mining near streams … Continue reading

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Muslim Brotherhood goes public with Libya summit

The Muslim Brotherhood held its first public conference on Libyan soil on Thursday after being banned for decades, and used the platform to set a moderate tone, calling for a broad national reconstruction effort. As Libya emerges from a bloody … Continue reading

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Must See – Music Video “This Is America”

If you haven’t seen this, be ready for a treat. God Bless America

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Agenda 21 – Born in America, Raised by the United Nations, Part 3

Please note: We are very interested in your opinion / comments / constructive criticism. If you are a member, please feel free to comment/reply. Not a member, consider joining, after all you can’t beat the cost, IT’S FREE and we do … Continue reading

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Solyndra: Energy Dept. pushed firm to keep layoffs quiet until after midterms

The Obama administration urged officers of the struggling solar company Solyndra to postpone announcing planned layoffs until after the November 2010 midterm elections, newly released e-mails show. Solyndra, the now-shuttered California company, had been a poster child of President Obama’s … Continue reading

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Finally, Someone Has Grown a Set – Protesting Protesters

Angry Residents, Businesses Plan Anti-Occupy Wall Street Protest Downtown residents and business owners are organizing a protest of the protest after two months of Lower Manhattan being occupied by the Wall Street demonstration. Angry over all-day drumming, people urinating and defecating … Continue reading

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The world is laughing at our government

Special thanks to Topshot for this! It’s sad that after so many Americans have died to free Germany from tyranny, to protect the German citizens from communism, and have spent billions, if not trillions to rebuild them since the end … Continue reading

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Pompeo: Sebelius May Have “Serious Questions to Answer” On Destruction of Documents Related to Planned Parenthood Prosecution

As reported on October 25, the first ever criminal prosecution of Planned Parenthood ended with frustration for pro-lifers as it was learned that state officials had destroyed key evidence in the case.  Now comes news that Steve Six, who was Attorney General … Continue reading

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