As the Gunny Sees It – Is the Regime Using Capitalism for Gun Control

To state the obvious, all Patriots know that there is a massive push by the current regime and the Left (the single word for me to refer to the enemies of Freedom) for gun control.

As “Dead fish Ballet Dancer” has repeatedly said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” So following his advice, BH0 and the Left began a massive push for gun control. Whether it is using the parents of those slaughtered at Newtown as a backdrop props to tug at the heart strings of the American people, or having former congress woman, Gabrielle Giffords and her husband doing television spots for their new group, Americans for Responsible Solutions [A], the regime and the Left has pulled out all stops, used every trick and propaganda it can in its attacks on our God given Natural Rights to own and bear arms, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment. But, is this a public distraction for a more insidious plan for gun control by using our very own principles against us?

I am not one who jumps at every conspiracy theory or rumor that some one puts out there on the net, and though I trust this current regime about as much as I trust a cornered rattlesnake, actually I trust the rattlesnake more, I do attempt to find the reason behind some of their actions. Knowing the plans of the enemy, betters prepares the warrior.

Everyone remembers BH0’s infamous statement while on the campaign trail in 2008.

We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

Add to this statement BH0’s known history on gun control, no wonder after his election in 2008, gun sales soared. Many buyers and sellers attribute the surge to worries that Obama and a Democrap-controlled Congress would move to restrict firearm ownership, despite the insistence of campaign aides that the president-elect supports gun rights and considers the issue a low priority. This comment by the campaign proved to be wrong in one way and right in another. Right in that gun control was a low priority, wrong in that BH0 supports gun rights, or the Constitution for that matter.

Any “talking head” may tell you, the main reason why gun control was a low priority during his first term was because BH0’s intent on destroying our health system with Obamacare and destroying America. He also realized that any push for gun control would hinder his re-election chances, so, his regime turned to another tactic, decided on another way to impose gun control and even though it would and did spawn many conspiracy theories, it may be working.

Now, I will FULLY ADMIT that I am not up on the various guns that are available, I’m a wheel man myself, except for the .45 1911. However, quick check of the net tells me that currently the most popular handgun in America is the Glock 17 which fires the 9MM Luger cartridge, with the 40 caliber handguns offered by Glock catching up. Coming a in close second are the 9MM and 40 caliber models from Sig Sauer . What do this popular hand guns have in common with various the federal agencies?

Now, if one were to stretch 10 USC § 2538 – Industrial mobilization: orders; priorities; possession of manufacturing plants; violations, and we all know BH0 wouldn’t stretch any laws or even his Constitutional authority to get what he wants. Why wouldn’t the federal government make massive orders for large amounts of ammunition for various federal agencies such as the Social Security Administration, Department of Education, DHS and other federal agencies? After all, the manufactures will have to give priority to the federal government or face seizure per cited code.

As cited in many sources, hollow point ammunition can not be used by the military, BUT is popular among law enforcement (isn’t that what the regime is saying that it is being used for) and a majority of gun owners, including myself. Is it not possible for the federal government to make massive orders to the manufacturers, thus “creating” a shortage and under a capitalist system don’t shortages lead to cost increases? Also, IF there is a shortage of this type of ammunition and price increase, wouldn’t local police have to turn to the federal government for ammunition, thus putting the police departments more in debt to the federal government?

Join me as I go one more step further into my conspiracy. Remember back in June, 2012, there was an attempt to pass legislation in some of the states where ammunition manufactures are located to “micro stamp” the ammunition, which would definitely increase the cost of manufacture.

Now picture this, using the current crisis the Left introduces legislation in D.C. that requires all manufacturers to “micro stamp” every round of ammunition and if by chance it passes and gets signed into law, many ammunition manufactures will either have to shut down to retool or maybe shut down permanently. This will also add to the supply shortage. In a capitalist system, when costs go up for a manufacture, such as the increased cost of micro stamping, the cost to the consumer also increases. What do you think will happen?

I feel that with the current shortage, thanks to the massive purchases by the federal government; just ask you local gun shop about the availability of 9mm & 40 cal ammunition and other popular ammunition. And IF “micro stamping” were to pass, this to will add even more to the cost or the add to the shortage because manufacturers close, to the point that a number of gun owners would not be able to afford ammunition, thus without ammunition the gun becomes a handy club.

We have Gun Control that does not violate the Constitution and the sad part, BH0 used our own capitalistic system against us, a system which he hates.

What do you think, let me know?

Semper Fi!

About Old Marine

I was a Vietnam Vet, before being one was popular. After serving 14 years in the Marines, attended college and earned degrees in Chemistry and Geology. Currently working as both for a state agency. @OldMarine1 on Twitter.
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4 Responses to As the Gunny Sees It – Is the Regime Using Capitalism for Gun Control

  1. ebarnes says:

    Well gunny, this is how I see it. I have been involved in this topic for a long time now. I have posted about it and sent emails to folks. Folks that support the second amendment have been watching this administration since the first term. There was support for the UN Gun Ban. I posted articles about this only to be told that I was hysterical and in a panic and that the ban would never pass. I replied that Obama would use any means necessary to see that it did happen. The NRA and gun owners have known the true side of Obama for a long time. Gun and ammo runs started during his first term and have only become more intense as his second term approached. Yes, Homeland Security has been buying up billions of rounds. But the shortages are not just on ammo. Reloaders are havng trouble finding powder and primers and even some brass. Certain guns are also in short supply. Try to find an AR right now. These “assault” weapons are being targeted on purpose. If you want to go to the CT side, you are only part way there. The CT now is that all these mass shootings have been false flag from the government. Why was it reported that the kids at Sandy Hill were shot with an AR when it was found in the trunk of the shooters car after the shootings? Later reports state that the killings were done by handguns. Also a report that the police were chasing another suspect…remember that video feed of the police chasing someone through the woods? That is only part of the CT side of the story.
    All second amendment supporters are buying up anything and everything they can stockpile now and have been. They see what is on the horizon. First, banning of certain weapons, then registration, then confiscation. Look at history. We don’t seem to learn from it. I am sure this is again being hysterical….have you looked at the bills that some states are trying to pass? Washington has written into the bill that houses are to be checked yearly to be sure guns are properly stored. No warrant necessary.
    Gun owners feel that since the amendment reads, shall not be infringed, any gun law is unconstitutional. telling someone what gun they can own or how many rounds they can carry is infringing on the right to keep and bear arms.
    I don’t see sources on this article, so I am not sure which way to send you to continue to study this topic. There is a lot out there right now. It is coming s fast, it is hard to keep up. The NRA web site is a great source of information.
    Gun owners use the phrase Molon Labe…they say it and they mean it. If this attack on the Second Amendment continues, it will not end well.
    That is my opinion since you asked.

  2. Renie Laster says:

    I believe it is gonna be sooner rather than later that all H@LL will break loose. I Pray to GOD I am wrong – but I doo’t think so. If this happens there is only two things to do – Pray Hard and Fight back the Best we can {IMO}.

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  4. James G. says:

    A lot of pieces to the puzzle are there, and I would never doubt what the federal government is capable of. I really hope this is not occurring.

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