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The cover up continues unabated and those survivors and whistle blowers who wish to come forward are being threatened to remain quiet by our own State Department. Whitehouse spokesman Jay Carney said during a press briefing in answer to a question about the whistle blowers being intimidated quote: “ Benghazi happened a long time ago”  Arrogance runs deep in the Obama Administration at it starts at the very top. Their Talking Points narrative of the events leading up to, during and after is coming apart at the seams. Their initial attempt was to pass the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and the C.I.A. Annex also in Benghazi off as an “Angry mob that got out of control” because of an obscure internet video.  This was after receiving the initial situational report from the C.I.A. and after that same report was reviewed by the State Department and stripped of any mention of a coordinated attack by al’qaeda or even that fact that it was a terrorist attack at all.  This knowingly and false information was put forth a surprising number of administration officials including President Obama, Vice President Biden, Sec. of State Clinton, U.N. Ambassador Rice and White House Press Secretary Carney. The White House has stonewalled Congress from the beginning as it tried to fulfill its Constitutional duty by denying access to classified material that Congress is entitled to.

On Wednesday 5-8-13 three whistle blowers will testify br fore the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that is chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa R-Calif. And answer questions long overdue. The three men have been identified as Gregory N. Hicks, the Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, Libya. Mark I Thompson a former Marine and now Deputy Coordinator for Operations in the agency’s counter terrorism Bureau, and Eric Nordstrom a Diplomatic Security Officer who at the time was Top Regional Security Officer in Libya. Eric Nordstrom had previously testifies before this same committee in October of 2012.

It will be interesting to see how in depth the questioning will go and if those testifying can enlighten all of us on what really transpired during this whole episode. The number one question should be who issued the now infamous “Stand Down” order and exactly where that order originated from. Hopefully these witnesses will be able to shed some light on why all the warning signs were ignored and the pleas for more security were denied. Second why additional security forces weren’t dispatched when just the day before on Sept. 10th the February 17 Brigade had informed officials in the State Department that they would no longer provide security for Ambassador Stevens and the other American’s because of a dispute over hours worked and pay received. That information was made available in plenty of time for the State Department to have assigned 7 man ready security forces to make up for the now non existence Libyan security forces. It is expected that the whistle blowers will testify that this force was geared up and ready to board a plane to Benghazi when they were informed they didn’t have authorization to mount a rescue mission. Although it is doubtful they could have arrived in time to save the Ambassador and his aide there would have been sufficient time to bolster the defenses at the C.I.A. Annex. When they finally decided to ignor their orders they boarded a plane to Benghazi but because of the orders to Stand Down they arrived at Benghazi airport 15 min. after the attack had started on the Annex and by the time they secured transportation to the Annex the assault was over with ex-Navy SEALS Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods having been killed defending the complex.

 There are many questions that need to be answered still about the terrorist attack in Benghazi and hopefully these 3 men will just be the first ones to come forward. There is obvious culpability among those in the Obama Administration who lied to the American people and those same people no matter how high their position should be held accountable for their actions. Time will tell if the truth will finally be revealed or if the cover up will be allowed to continue.

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  1. ebarnes says:

    I hope that we can finally get to the truth about Benghazi.

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