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         Benghazi……The Cover up……The Conspirators


On Wednesday May 8, 2013 The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held its hearing with the three whistle blowers and stunning evidence was revealed about how the Obama Administration knowingly lied to the American people blaming the attack on the U.S. Consulate and C.I.A. Annex on an obscure internet video. These lies were put forth by Administration officials after receiving a C.I.A. Situational Report, stating that it was a terrorist attack conducted by al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists. That report was subsequently edited to remove all references to terrorists, al-Qaeda and a preplanned and highly coordinated attack. On September 12th the day after the attack an e-mail was sent to Gregory Hicks and to most department heads in the State Department including State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland (more about Nuland later) by Acting U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Elizabeth Jones stating that the attack was carried out by Ansar al-Sharia that is affiliated with Islamic terrorists. This was an official communiqué and as stated it left absolutely no doubt or ambiguities that the attack was terrorist related and not a mob action because of a video. Victoria Nuland is also the one who threw up the initial red flags about the references to terrorists in the C.I.A. situational report. It was reported that Nuland then sent an e-mail to senior state dept officials stating that she had serious concerns about the C.I.A. draft and its references to the attack being conducted by terrorists. The report was subsequently redacted and edited to remove any references to terrorists. Chairman Rep. Darrel Issa (R) California of The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee needs to subpoena Victoria Nuland to testify under oath before the committee and explain why an official C.I.A. report was scrubbed of all references to terrorists and why the false talking points were sent out to members of the White House, State Dept., Congress and News Agencies.

Many new and revealing facts did come out during the hearing, one of which was the fact that the State Dept. sent a Lawyer/Handler to Benghazi to shadow and sit in on meeting held between Gregory Hicks and Congressman Jason Chaffetz. Gregory Hicks stated: “I was instructed not to allow the RSO, the acting Deputy Chief of Mission, and myself to be interviewed by Congressman Chaffetz” The State Dept. lawyer was present at every meeting except one that concerned classified material that the lawyer wasn’t cleared to attend. After that meeting Hicks received a phone call from then Secretary of State Clinton’s State Dept. Council, Cheryl Mills. In that phone call Hicks said Mills was very upset and demanded a report on the visit detailing what has been talked about and said. It should be noted that Gregory Hicks was later demoted to a desk job as punishment for cooperating with Chairman Issa’s envoy Jason Chaffitz.

Other facts that were brought out during the hearing was that there were actually (2) “Stand Down” orders given during the attack. The U.S. Special Operation Force who were on their way to the airport in Tripoli were stopped from boarding a plane provided by the Libyan Government to fly them to Benghazi to provide desperately needed support with the explanation they did not have the right authority to render aid to their comrades under attack.

Whistle blower Mark Thompson the counter-terrorism official at the State Dept. stated that when he called the White House to request that the Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST) be dispatched to Benghazi he was told that it was “Not the right time”. After that request was made he found himself removed out of the loop as far as communications were concerned thereby eliminating him from interfering in the Administration’s handling of the situation and resulting cover up.

Eric Nordstrom testified that Sec. of State Clinton would have “Absolutely” been briefed on the requests made for additional security for Libya made by both U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and himself.

Ambassador Stevens being taken to a al-Quada controlled hospital was also kept from Congress and the American people until after the Ambassador died as a result of the attack and resulting injuries incurred.

Secretary of State Clinton’s statement during the first hearing of “What difference does it make” may well come back to haunt her as the investigation continues because it does make a difference when it concerns the truth about what actually happened in Benghazi and the cover up that followed and continues. Former Governor and Fox host of the Huckabee Show Mike Huckabee has said that it was a cover up that caused President Richard Nixon to resign over Watergate and it may well cause current President Barack Hussein Obama to also resign for the same reason pointing out that Watergate didn’t involve the death of 4 Americans.  

The hearings provided some new facts and also showed how partisan the hearing was from the very beginning with the Democrats on the Committee endeavoring to provide the White House and State Department with as much cover as they could. Their very apparent lack of interest in the facts and unified attempt to both stonewall and cast dispersion on the witnesses should have been very apparent to even the casual observer. It was a shameful example of smoke and mirrors to confuse a very serious investigation. The only bright spot for the Democrats was their agreement that more hearings are needed. When the next hearing is convened both White House and State Department official need to be subpoenaed and put under oath to testify as to their actions or lack of actions before, during and after the Terrorist Attack in Benghazi, Libya at the U.S. Consulate and the C.I.A. Annex.

There has been a crack opened in the dam concerning Benghazi and the wheels of the wagon are starting to come off. The National Tragedy that transpired in Benghazi needs to be completely investigated and those responsible for the failures and the following cover up need to be prosecuted for their parts in the death and cover up of 4 American heroes. What is required is first a Congress that is willing to do their Constitutional duties and a news media to do its job of following the truth no matter at whose feet it may fall at. Only time will tell if justice is rendered and if those guilty will be held responsible.

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