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                             Yet another Obama Administration Scandal

                                              This time it’s the EPA 


To say the Obama Administration has had a bad week is a gross understatement and things are about to get a lot worse. Somewhat forgotten in the coverage of the current scandals, is the investigation into the EPA’s outgoing Administrator Lisa Jackson’s use of a fictitious employee named “Richard Windsor” that she created to utilize an email account set up in his name to bypass and avoid Federal record keeping and disclosure requirements. Except for a so far unnamed whistle blower this whole charade would have gone unnoticed. Attorney Christopher Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute has also taken up the banner and has done a yeoman’s job of sifting through the misleading and false information the EPA has been putting out to try to cover its tracks. So far there has been two Congressional inquiries and a Inspector General’s investigation. Congress has requested all emails concerning this attempt to bypass regulations but has met with never ending delays and not providing the number and types of email ordered by the court. The reason Jackson created the fictitious Richard Windsor was to use his phantom email account to send over 12,000 secret communications. Her motive was if she were to be ordered to furnish copies of her “Official” emails she could do so knowing that all of her emails sent by the phony account would not have to be included and therefore remain secret and eventually destroyed. Jackson resigned over the affair to try to escape further involvement but has much to worry about because of the flagrantly illegal use of a secret email account to conduct EPA official business.


U.S. Senator David Vitter (R-La.) the top Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee who has been investigating the phony emails has released information that the acting EPA Administrator Bob Perciasepe and Region 8 Administrator James Martin also used non-official email accounts to conduct official EPA business. Both men have resigned and retained legal counsel in anticipation of future investigations. What first started off as one person breaking the law to conduct EPA official business in secret now seems to have been a common and wide spread practice among the senior EPA officials. President Obama even had the audacity to praise outgoing Jackson for doing such an outstanding job and moving the EPA forward. (But forward to what?) The investigation continues and has been expanded to include the newest scandal involving the EPA and its practice of giving preferential treatment to environmental groups seeking documents under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) while at the same time making it harder for conservative groups to get their requested documents. Since 2012 the EPA approved 75 of 82 FOIA requests made by major environmental groups while rejecting or putting on hold 21 of 26 requests made by conservative groups during the same time period. This new revelation mirrors the IRS and its targeting of conservative groups. The tone of the EPA has long been on the side of the environmentalists and against any national attempts to become energy efficient. What seems to hold precedence with the EPA is its support for the Global Warming theory and delaying the Key Stone Pipeline. Once again Obama Administration officials are caught breaking the law but where is the Attorney General when it is obvious criminal charges should be immediately brought for the flagrant violations of federal law? He has been busy concerning himself with trampling on the 1st Amendment.  Scandal after scandal has been exposed thus far and it would seem they continue to be brought to light. Use this link to get a partial list of some of the scandals so far uncovered.


President Obama claimed he would “Fundamentally change the United States of America” and it seems he has been extremely successful so far. Government intrusion into the private lives of America’s citizens has become a common practice, attempts to pass unconstitutional laws has in many cases been successful and the disregard and trampling of the Bill of Rights is ongoing and increasing in its intensity. There is no question some involved will be prosecuted and put into prison, the important question is how high up the Obama food chain will justice be served. President Obama has been called the Teflon President because no wrongdoing or scandal seems to stick to him but as with Teflon cookware if it is used to much and too often the coating wears away, so to it might very well be with the Teflon President.


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