Milk Toast American’s

Dear Editor:

Milk Toast Americans is a term that explains the attitude of the majority of Americans today. Milk toast was a bland food given to me that caused minimal damage to my upset stomach.

I am left to wonder how many Milk Toast Americans George Washington had to deal with when he decided to cross the Delaware River on December 25, 1776. During that fateful Christmas night, did he have many who said “WOW that water is cold!!” or “The river looks awfully fast and dangerous to me”. Of course we can’t forget, “Do I see a chunk of ice?”

Let’s jump forward 239 years. I am 1 of 1000’s of volunteers working with a nonpartisan grassroots group to reshape Congress via a Constitutional Amendment. Washington and Jefferson foresaw a time that serving this great country would no longer be a burden. They wanted Term Limits included in the original document however they were overridden by those with no vision, this opened a door to robber barons similar to the ones we have in Congress today. Even though the current congressional approval rating is less than 15% nearly 90% are reelected. It is obvious the system is broke. However our founding fathers were intelligent enough to give us a means to change this. Today’s US Congress will have no say in it. We are using Article 5 of the existing constitution to pass Term Limits on congress by approaching all 50 individual State Legislatures. This will become law when 38 of the 50 Legislatures agree.

Don’t be a Milk Toast American, step up and be counted by signing the petition (either electronic or by paper). In closing I implore you to get on your computer, open any of the links and message us.

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About Neil Conner

I am the East Texas Regional Leader for a movement to bring some sanity back to our Political Structure. This nonpartisan grassroots movements goal is to force Term Limits For US Congress. We are using Article 5 of the existing Constitution to bring this to reality. For more information please open this link:
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