Prosecutor Who Took Down Petraeus on Classified Information Now Looking Into Clinton Server

Editors Note: Time will tell if the Obama Administrations Justice Dept. will investigate Clinton properly or not. With a proper investigation using the resources available including an unencumbered FBI Hillary would no doubt be indited on several federal charges concerning the handling of Top Secret information she had stored on her private server but also passing on information to her lawyer who does not have the proper clearances to review such sensitive material. Let us hope the open hatred of Obama of the Clinton’s will ensure a full investigation and that will at the least strip Hillary of all security clearances (which would make her unable to be President). A proper investigation would have her indited and charged and standing trial with the great possibility of being convicted and being sent to prison for a very long time. Hope springs eternal. [TS]

Hillary Clinton is in trouble. Really big trouble. 

According to the Washington Post, the same prosecutor who took down General David Petraeus for improper possession of classified information is now looking into Hillary Clinton’s email server. Earlier this week, an intelligence Inspector General revealed Clinton did in fact have at least four pieces of top secret, classified information passed through and stored on her private email server.

The investigation is being overseen by two veteran prosecutors in the Justice Department’s National Security Division. One of them helped manage the prosecution of David H. Petraeus.

As a reminder, Petraeus plead guilty to misdemeanor charges after keeping physical copies of classified information locked in a desk drawer at his house. He also shared them with his biographer and mistress Paula Broadwell. Prosecutors originally recommended felony charges.

David H. Petraeus, a retired general considered one of the greatest military minds of his generation, pleaded guilty Thursday to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified materials, ending a long-running legal saga that had threatened to send him to prison.

Petraeus, who admitted he provided the materials to his former mistress and biographer, will instead face a two-year probationary period. U.S. Magistrate Judge David Keesler also imposed a $100,000 fine — more than double the amount recommended by prosecutors — to reflect the “seriousness of the offense.”

Based on what we know so far, Clinton’s possession of top secret, classified information on her personal server is far worse than the Petraeus case. First, the classified information Petraeus had in his possession was classified at a lower level than the information on Clinton’s private server, which was classified at the highest level. Second, Petraeus may have shared information with his mistress, but Clinton shared it with enemy hackers and foreign governments.

Former intelligence officials say it’s a certainty that her server was compromised by [foreign] intelligence services. Unless they were encrypted to U.S. government standards, “In my opinion there is a 100% chance that all emails sent and received by her, including all the electronic correspondence stored on her server in her Chappaqua residence, were targeted and collected by the Russian equivalent of NSA,” said former CIA case officer Jason Matthews, an expert in Russian intelligence.

Based on her continued defiance, if charges are brought against Clinton I doubt she’ll bow out gracefully like Petraeus did.


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