If you can’t log in do a password reset routine:

• from your WP login screen, click the “lost your password” link.
• Input the user name or email associated with your RF id, and
• you’ll be sent an email to reset your password.
• Click the link in this email, and a new password will be generated, and again sent via email.
• You can then sign back into Rebuilding Freedom and reset your password to something you’ll remember.

To change your public name and your password:

Log in, on the right side go to site admin.  On the left side select Profile.

You will see the information page.  There is a drop down box to change your public name.  You can also change your Bio information, your photo and your password.

If your browser is slow to load the page with Internet Explorer:

Turn off friendly http errors.

Tools>Internet Options>Advanced Tab> Uncheck “Show friendly HTTP error messages”

 What is a bot? 

If you have a quesiton, you can write to us at

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