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Title IX is being aborted by the feminists who gave it life.

TITLE IX IS BEING ABORTED BY THE FEMINISTS WHO GAVE IT LIFE. POSTED BY: DEB332 | JULY 23, 2017 Title IX is part of the US Education Amendment which became public law in 1972. Title IX states; “No person in … Continue reading

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The Journey to Awareness

Over the next several weeks, I am publishing a series which concentrates on veterans and the struggles they face after returning home from deployment.  I am intending this to be a learning experience for not just the reader, but also … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence: Part of the Real War on Women

Today’s society is amazing in the way that confounds the mind. Liberals and progressives recognize there is a “war on women” and speak to inequality in the workplace, concerning wages and position as the cause.  Agreeably, there are still workplace … Continue reading

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Op. Ed.: Hidden Messages?

 It can be said some people think too much. I have been told I do.  My favorite philosophy professor told me not to worry about it.  He said “those who say you think too much probably don’t think enough”. Those … Continue reading

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