Biden Threatens to Remove Pro-Gun Lawmakers: “We’re Going to Get This Done”

As Vice President Joe Biden swore in the new ATF director, he had some words of warning for pro-gun members of congress.  Politico recently reported that Biden had this threat to congress members who supported gun rights:

“If Congress doesn’t act, we’ll fight for a new Congress.  It’s that simple. But we’re going to get this done.”

Biden has been fairly quiet on gun issues lately, ever since the gun control bills he supported were shot down.  But after President Obama has just signed a couple executive orders against gun rights it looks like the White House is beginning its push for gun control once again.

Politico announced that Biden feels the new ATF director will symbolize a change in the agencies effectiveness.

Jones is the first ATF director to be confirmed since the Senate gained the power to do so in 2006.

Finally with a confirmed director, Biden said the ATF will be able to function effectively for the first time in years.

“They’ve been, in my view, over the last period of time been marginalized, or attempted to be marginalized by the process, but no longer.”

While Biden wants to replace pro-gun lawmakers with gun control kool-aid drinkers, gun rights supporters are busy actually doing something about getting rid of lawmakers who have taken away these gun rights.  Colorado is currently have 2 recall elections for Democrat senators who helped push through recent gun control bills in the state.

So our message to Biden is that “We are going to get this done too” and vote in pro-gun candidates who actually believe the constitution is non-negotiable.


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