The Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers

This is a short study of what these papers were and what they meant at the time they were written. Included will be two links that will give you a list of each as they are too many of each to post in this limited space. By bookmarking each link you will be able to read them as your time allows.

A Brief intro to both of these opposing articles and opinions will show why there were written and by whom. The Federalists Papers were in response to the Anti-Federalist Papers that had been written between the dates of September 27, 1787 and October 18, 1787 that were critical of the proposed Constitution to the Confederation Congress that had been submitted to the states in September of 1787 for ratification. The writers of both used pseudonyms to keep their identities from being associated with these articles. The authors of the Anti-Federalist papers used the names of “Cato” and “Brutus” plus many more while the authors of the Federalist Papers used the name of “Publius”. Both of these series of articles were published in three different newspapers and those were “The Independent Journal” “The New York Packet” and “The Daily Advisor” The three authors of the Federalist Papers were Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay. The following two links will list the articles as they were written and the easiest way to correlate the two would be to think of them as a points and counter points in a debate.

The Federalists Papers

The Anti-Federalist Papers


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