Hillsdale Constitution 101 Graduates

Hillsdale College Constitution 101 Online Class – have you taken it yet? If so, email us rebuildingfreedom@gmail.com  (or post your name at the bottom in the comment section) and we will add your name to the proud list of Patriots learning about our Founding.




Rex V. Cagle

3 Responses to Hillsdale Constitution 101 Graduates

  1. Rex V. Cagle says:

    Rex V. Cagle completed Constitution 101

    • topshot says:

      Congratulations, I have completed their next course Constitution 201 and it was just as good and very informative. I hope you will take the opportunity to take that one as well, we can never be to informed.

    • idahoannie says:

      Glad to have you join us! It was a great course and so was 201! Hope to be seeing you often here on Rebuilding Freedom!

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