Home Schooling

The God-given right we in the United States have to educate our children at home. Certain types of education, which form good character as well as teach the necessary skills to succeed in our society, are to be highly prized. Homeschooling can enable our children to develop fully in the spiritual, emotional and mental senses, and to live and move through the affairs of their lives responsibly and intelligently. To have the freedom to educate our children at home, while being able to retain the leadership of our homes, is an incredible privilege of living in this country.

Links and tips are below to help you give the best education to your children.  Feel free to share your knowledge about home schooling with others in the comment section below.

Raising Refounders!  – shovel ready American History for the masses.  Great for home schooling or for anyone of any age to learn about our great country.

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