Ill. Rep Requests National Guard Help Stop Chicago Violence

State Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago) is making the request.

“I am requesting with this press conference that Gov. Patrick Quinn order the Illinois National Guard (and) the Illinois State Police (to) come to Chicago and work with our mayor Ron (sic) Emanuel to provide safety for the children, especially,” she said at a news conference in Springfield.

Over the holiday weekend, 74 people were shot and 12 killed in Chicago, and Davis says the police don’t have the manpower to make arrests.

I would think this would be a clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act and as a lawmaker she should know that. Then again, Abe Lincoln violated the hell out of the constitution and we revere him as a national hero and one of our greatest presidents so that’s what we get for being ignorant I guess. No doubt Chicago has a problem, they also have the strictest gun laws, connection? This is a no go and politicians are definately playing the safety and fear cards to push the limits.

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