Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment



The Founding Fathers understood the great importance of the right of free citizens to defend themselves. They thought that it was so important that they made it the Second Amendment to the Constitution. However, today there is an assault on our Second Amendment Rights going on in America. To understand and stand against this assault, you need to be well armed with factual information. That is the purpose of this section, to bring you useful national and state issues that deal with the Second Amendment. I hope you not only enjoy and learn something new but that you use the comment space provided to share your own thoughts and information. Together we can make a difference if we pool our knowledge and resources.



A History of Gun Control in the United States



Current News

NSSF® Study: First-time Gun Buyers

Conceal Carry Wisconsin

Newtown Based Group Sues Over Gun Law

House Votes Unanimously to Ban Funding for UN Gun Grab

Gun map newspaper seeks more information on firearm owners

Alaska Just Nullified Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws

Ill. Rep Requests National Guard Help Stop Chicago Violence

Gun Geo Marker app tries to locate homes, businesses
of gun owners

Second Amendment Revoked: The Unbelievable Reason Why This Army Vet Can’t Own a Gun

Illinois residents dodge a bullet and bite the bullet

Schirard: Gun laws obstruct police

Missouri gov. signs gun-safety course for first-graders

California: Sen. de Leon backs racial profiling of ammo sales

Boulder Sheriff Joe Pelle: Buyback conforms with new Colorado guns laws

Organizers cancel Boulder gun buyback at request of sheriff

Dems leave making sense of gun magazine ban to attorney general

Eric Holder Tells NAACP, We Need to Get Rid of “Stand Your Ground” Laws

Harry Reid Maneuvering to Change Senate Rules That Would Allow Gun Control to Easily Pass

Conn. mother seeks to close Pa. gun loophole

Chicago lawmakers unanimously vote to beef up assault weapons ban

New RFID ‘Smart Guns’ May Be Used By Govt to Bypass Second Amendment

Bloomberg Group Marks Aurora Tragedy With Gun Control Blitz

Montana AG Denies Associated Press Request for Records on All Concealed Weapons Permit Holders

New York Times weighs in on ‘vindictive’ Recall of Colorado Dems

Bloomberg gun-control group facing internal backlash amid
growing profile

Why Female Gun Ownership is Up 77% Since 2005

Virginia gun crime drops, as state’s firearms sales

Democrat manual: How to lie about gun control

Two Pro-Gun Bills Headed to Congress After Recess

California’s State Senate Passes ‘Ammunition Purchase Permit’ Bill

17 Years After Gun Bans in Australia …Police Say Gun Crime is Out of Control

Sheriffs Band Together to Overturn Colorado Gun Control Laws

Administration announces new gun control measures, targets military surplus imports

Biden Threatens to Remove Pro-Gun Lawmakers: “We’re Going to Get This Done”

New York gun makers in a squeeze: stay or go?

MILLER: National gun registry gets head start as Maryland compromises gun owners’ privacy

Gun rights group sues Colorado governor over new laws

Official: Kerry to sign landmark arms trade treaty

Jerry Brown vetoes gun-control legislation

4 Responses to Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment

  1. topshot says:

    Looking forward to reading your editorials and news, if we don’t fight for our 2nd Amendment rights they will be taken away from us.

  2. idahoannie says:

    They take our guns, they take what’s left of our freedoms. Looking forward to participating in the discussion.

  3. Bill Case says:

    Thanks for the invite Elaine.

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