Prepare and Plan

Be ready if the need should arise. 

What do you take for granted the most when things are going well? Is it the
ability to get food? To go to McDonalds? How about turning on the tap,
knowing you will get water? How about walking down the street, feeling safe
near your own home? Or even in your own home?

How about sitting in front of the fire? I am doing that as I write this. The
smell of smoke, the light of the fire are not a problem. At least not now.

Today, we can sit safely in the knowledge that our physical security is
almost assured. While we may lock our doors at night, we are able to sleep
soundly at night. One may have a defensive weapon handy, but you almost
certainly will not use it. For the most part, America is a safe society.

Most of us have neighbors we can go to if we need help. Or if things are
really bad, we have a phone number we can call. The people who answer these
calls are compassionate and well trained, among the world’s best. We have an
excellent safety net.

What about food and water? The grocery store will always be there, right? In
fact, some are always open. And there’s fast food, and regular restaurants.
There’s so much food in America that tons of us are fat. Who needs a garden,
or a way to collect and store water, because Safeway and the power company
will never let us down.

The truth is, the only person you can consistently rely on is yourself. I
can tell you from personal experience (the WTO riots in Seattle in 1999 and
New Orleans after Katrina) that if you do not understand this, it does not
take much for you to be in big trouble. I was in Seattle working during the
WTO conference. I heard there was a disturbance on the radio, but I assumed
it was by the Convention Center, ten blocks away. I had no idea. I walked
outside (and security for the building wasn’t letting anyone back in) and
into rioters, tear gas, and people throwing anything they could pick up
through windows. I will never forget that. I had family down in Louisiana. I
had to go down there after the storm to help out. I heard first-hand stories
of groups of looters and saw the damage myself. You can only rely yourself.
Therefore, it is necessary to be ready for storms, earthquakes, and the
like. People who prepare for calamity are not crazies who worry about the
world ending. Ask people in the Northeast how much they would have liked to
have bought a generator three weeks ago. Having a store of water, food, and
a way to prepare it really does give you some peace of mind. What I mean to
do with this page is present some ideas for the basic prepper and help you
avoid some mistakes.

Most preparations are fairly simple. Buy extra food, whether it be
freeze-dried or cans of soup at the store. The Thanksgiving sales are when I
stock up. That is generally when I find the best sales. One gallon cases of
water are the most economical and easily handled way to purchase it. I will
include a way to collect water soon. A proven one I use myself. Having a way
to cook a hot meal is not necessary, but if the power is out and you are
cold, very little beats a bowl of hot soup. With some pre-planning and
thinking beforehand, you can be ready for power outages, storms, and even
the zombie apocalypse.

Editor: Olnavyboy

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