Restoring History

americanhistoryAs George Washington indicated in his famous “Farewell Address,” previous generations believed these elements were inseparable from America:

Of all the habits and dispositions which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.

American History 100 Facts  Fast facts for a fast read, brush up on your American Historic Trivia

The Constitution of the United States – provides an in-depth look at the Constitutional Convention, the ratification process, and the adoption of the Bill of Rights.

Hillsdale College Constitution 101 and 102  – Join your fellow Patriots in this wonderful online education on the Constitution and our Founding Documents.

The Bill of Rights – The first 10 Amendments to the Constitution

The Pledge of Allegiance – the true meaning behind our great oath

The Declaration of Independence

The Constitution – learn more about our founding document at this interactive site.

The Articles of Confederation

America’s Greatest Generals

History Behind the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Gettysburg  Three Days of Carnage

History Time Line of the U.S.

The Meaning of the Flag Draped Coffin

Memorial Day – It’s History and Why We Celebrate It

The History of Veteran’s DayArmistice Day (Remembrance Day )

The History of Labor Day

The History of the First 4th of July

The Boston Tea Party

The Fabian Society

The Sons of Liberty

The Liberty Tree

The Liberty Bell

The Statue of Liberty

National Flag Day

Our Founding Fathers

The Progressive Movement – What every Conservative needs to know

The Depression of 1920

The “Great” Depression

The History of the IRS

The Federalist and the Anti-Federalist Papers

The Presidents of the United States

Study Our History – website that has foundational study guides, videos, activities, and tools for those wanting to facilitate study groups in their homes or communities. Some services will be free while others will be fee based. The free services will be enough to help launch any quality study with critical thinking at the core.

For more history visit   They develop materials to educate the public concerning the periods in our country’s history when its laws and policies were firmly rooted in Biblical principles.

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