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Here you can find family and child friendly sites to educate with fun and play.






Government Agencies Websites for Kids


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  1. Not Free
    by Roger W Hancock

    Nothing is ever free,
    though to you it be.
    Somewhere, somehow,
    someone paid.

    © June 15, 2001 Roger W Hancock

    Roger’s Rhymes of Liberty –
    Patriotic Rhymes. Rhymes about Founding Fathers, Holidays and more.

    TimeLines of Liberty –
    Historical TimeLines of American Liberty. One Vote Occurances and more.

    Roger’s Rhymes –
    Rhymes of Animals, Life, Safety, Faith, Games, and more.

    Founding of a Nation
    by Roger W Hancock

    Soldier marches step by step;
    building a foundation.
    Rich men gave up their wealth;
    paying for rebellion.
    Soldier marches without pay;
    fighting against oppression.
    Founding fathers set the mark;
    founding of a nation.

    © January 02, 2008 Roger W Hancock

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