Internet Defense League

Dear IDL member,

We’re writing to tell you about a serious threat to Internet freedom, and invite you to take part in an action this Monday, December 3rd.

In short, an obscure international meeting next week could give a top-down, non-transparent UN body (one with representation from many dictatorships) the power to regulate the Internet. It’s called the ITU.

The ITU would literally give dictators like Syria’s Assad (who was trending yesterday for–it seems–cutting Syria off from the Internet) a role in crucial decisions about the Internet’s future.

You can learn more here: (scroll down for a video and background reading).

Remember– it’s up to you whether or not to participate; those who have installed the “all future campaigns” code will participate by default.  The widget for this action lets your visitors email and call the ITU delegations in their country.  You can preview its style and functionality on

We’re still working on the widget code itself.  For now you can install the “All campaigns” code here, and this will activate on Monday Dec. 3rd:

Finally, we’d like to invite you to take the first steps to building a country-by-country presence for the IDL. The goal?  Independent IDL’s with the ability to mobilize users in every country in the world, both for domestic and international campaigns. If you’re interested in organizing an IDL in your country contact us:

And please share this page with your contacts in as many countries as possible:

Thanks.  Sincerely,
Holmes Wilson – Internet Defense League

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