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Due to my earlier postings concerning North Korea and Iran, I am sending you a related article that was published on the WND web site yesterday. It focuses on the possible connection between Iran and the terror attack in Boston on Monday. It was written by Reza Kahlili, an Iranian who served in the CIA Directorate of Operations and as a spy in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Today I woke up to hear about a powerful chemical explosion in Texas that occurred after midnight here in Jerusalem. As most of you will already know, it has left many people wounded and an unknown number dead. Current reports say toxic fumes are making rescue efforts difficult. Many homes have been destroyed. I suspect America might experience some sort of disaster nearly every day for now on.


U.S. was warned of terror attacks

Reza Kahlili

Although it is not known yet who is responsible for Monday’s heinous bombings at the Boston Marathon that killed three and injured more than 100 people, a source within Iranian intelligence services told WND the Islamic regime was behind them and to look for trails through Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The source said the bombs were planted near the end of the race so that the horrific images of the blasts would be captured by all the media there and be replayed over and over throughout the world. A senior commander of the Islamic regime had warned less than two months ago that terrorism was coming to America.
“If the people of America and Europe do not confront the aggressive policies of their governments, they cannot then remain far from the possible future events (terror attacks),” the regime’s armed forces deputy chief of staff, Brig. Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, said in a Feb. 23 interview with Fars News Agency, a media outlet run by the Revolutionary Guards. “Al-Qaida groups and other services which operate for the interests of America (in Syria) will soon change the region of their operations and thereafter create new problems for America and Europe.” Jazayeri, objecting to U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war, warned that explosions similar to those in Syria would take place in other countries.

With information from a source in the supreme leader’s office, WND reported exclusively on Dec. 11, 2012, that a team of Quds Force terrorist leaders had infiltrated the United States to attack from within in 2013. The source said the team is to create instability in America through terrorism should the U.S. fail to accept the regime’s illicit nuclear program or increase sanctions, confront Iran militarily or intervene in the Syrian civil war.
The source said that a six-member team, including an explosives specialist, was to join 10 Quds Force commanders who already have a cell of 50 terrorists in the U.S. The source added that Iran is working with al-Qaida factions because al-Qaida attacks would not leave behind a link to Tehran. The source for today’s information blamed the Islamic regime for the Boston attack and pointed to the collaboration of the regime’s Quds Forces with Hezbollah and elements of al-Qaida with links to individuals in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. He said that under Quds Force guidance, Hezbollah recruited Sunni terrorists allied with al-Qaida factions in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, who then entered the U.S. for terrorist activities. The information has been shared with U.S. officials. But until the FBI and other U.S. agencies complete their investigations, all information regarding the bombings must be considered with great caution and any conclusions would be premature.

  • If the      source is correct, however, then three individuals will likely have had a      hand in planning and preparing for the attack: Mustafa Badr Al Din, the      brother-in-law and cousin of the dead terrorist Imad Mugniyah, who now      serves as Mugnyiah’s replacement as the military leader of Hezbollah and      who also serves as the deputy of Qasem Soliemani, the head of the Islamic      regime’s Quds Forces.
  • Mohammad      Ali Hamadei, on the FBI’s most-wanted list, a Hezbollah operator      responsible for operation and infiltration of forces into America who was      based in New Mexico with a Latin American passport and who was also seen      last year in England.
  • Talal      Hamieh, the head of Hezbollah’s External Security Organization responsible      for operations outside of Lebanon. He has been in Mexico collaborating      with drug cartels to raise funds for Hezbollah cells and facilitates the      transfer of arms and terrorists into the U.S.

Both Badr Al Din and Hamieh were designated for sanctions by the U.S. Treasury Department last year for their involvement in terrorist activities throughout the world. In the aftermath of the Boston bombings, Fars News Agency put out a piece headlined, “Obama in deep trouble if Boston bombing was by Salafis (ultraconservative Sunni Muslims).” Fars said one reason that Obama has not linked the Boston bombing to al-Qaida is that his administration wants to show it has defeated al-Qaida and any mention of the terrorist group would undermine his position. It ominously mentioned that America is now allied with the Salafis and al-Qaida in confronting Syria’s Bashar Assad and that if it’s proven that the same elements were responsible for the bombings in Boston, then Obama would be severely criticized by the American public.
Fars, as with the earlier warning by Jazayeri, denounced Obama’s decision to help the opposition in Syria and hinted that the Boston attack is related to al-Qaida and the hardcore Sunnis. It concluded that Obama would likely not name them as the guilty party to save face. Although the Islamic regime has long warned that America will not be safe from its reach and that it must not only accept Iran’s nuclear program but also end its support for the opposition in Syria, there is no proven link yet between Boston and Tehran.

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