Sentinel of Liberty


The Old North Church of Boston served a pivotal role in the time prior to the Revolutionary War. It was chosen because at the time it was the tallest building in Boston and could be easily seen by all. It was decided to use lanterns at night to signal the people that the British were on their way to attack. In the steeple signal lanterns would be hung using the prearranged signal of one lantern for a land march or two lanterns if the British were to advance by boat across the Charles River. Hence the words “One if by land, two if by sea” have been immortalized. The steeple therefore was manned by a Sentinel to warn of impending danger and is an appropriate symbol to use today for the continuation of warnings to America about the dangers of the liberal left and an out of control government. I will use this as a symbol of alert in the future to point out new and impending dangers to the Republic and the People.


The Obama Administrations Disrespect of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


Obama….Putin….Ukrainian Crisis….No Contest

Obama-Obamacare-Executive Orders-Politisa vs. The Constitution

America’s Declining Military Standards

The Nuclear Option

The 2nd Amendment Under Attack

Could Obama’s Weak Foreign Policy Lead To A Mid-East War?

Treason, Sedition and High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Benghazi and the Failure of Congress to Properly Investigate

Drones: A Double Edge Sword

Sequestration and Americas Shrinking Military

Obama the would be Monarch

Obama’s 2nd Term Cabinet…Moe-Larry-Curley

The National Debt……Smoke & Mirrors and Flat out Lies

Obama and the National Media

Benghazi……A National Tragedy and a Administration Scandal

Benghazi……The Cover up……The Conspirators……A Follow Up

The Obama Administration: A Systemic Failure on Terrorism and Transparency 

Scandal……Intimidation……Cover Up   All Signs of a Failed Administration

Yet another Obama Administration Scandal……This times its the EPA

Whatever happened to the Constitution?

Attorney General Eric Holder: Perjury or a convenient lapse of memory

Yet another Obama Administration Scandal: HHS and Kathleene Sebelius

Justice Obama Style

The NSA and your supposed privacy

The US State Dept. Sex, Lies and cover-ups

Syria-A Quagmire We Don’t Need To Get Into

Negotiating with the Taliban?

Edward Snowden and the Obama Effect

Leadership……and the Systemic lack of it in America today

Egypt in turmoil while Obama golf’s

The Obama Administration and the Arrogance of Power

Where is the Justice…Pvt. Bradley Manning-Traitor

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