Speak Out America

Freedom of Speech reigns supreme here, so does common sense. Open communication is one of the gifts given to us by our Founders. Please do NOT abuse the honor. The Rules here are short and sweet and listed below. Please abide by them. The Administrators here reserve the right to delete comments that break these rules.

If you wish to post research on topics, it might be best suited to our forum section. we have plenty of room there and the information is in an orderly manner, by topic, and is easy to find and read.

Rebuilding Freedom Guidelines As of Feb. 22, 2014.

* 1.Refrain from excessive profanity – Be aware of the language you use.
* 2. Be respectful of other members. Healthy debate is embraced, name calling, hate speech and slander is not.
* 3. The “report button” is for reporting offensive comments. Don’t report a comment just because you disagree with it. Having a difference of opinion is NOT Troll activity
* 4. Please be concise in your comments. Long comments are hard to read. If you have a lot of information, post a catchy summary in the thread header and place the rest in a reply to that thread.
* 5. Using ALL CAPS is considered yelling or shouting – Caps highlighted text to make a point.
* 6. NO spamming! This includes repeatedly posting the same comment.
* 7. Moderators reserve the right to remove comments in accordance with our rules. They may do so without prior notice. They want to help keep America talking but civil.

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