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IRS’s Illegal Targeting of Conservatives

Justice Dept. vs. The 2nd Amendment

Here you have three separate occurrences that at first seem unrelated but on further inspection are also connected politically. The Obama Administration higher ups always have an excuse as to why they don’t know anything about anything. If you don’t know about something then you can’t be faulted for actions taken or not taken. The term that has been made famous in many movies and is practiced extensively by the Obama Administration is “Plausible Deniability”.  As mentioned in a previous Sentinel the administration could be reading from a script from the TV program Hogan’s Heroes and Sgt. Shultz. The good clown Sgt. was famous for saying “I see nothing! I hear nothing! I know nothing!” 


Let us first look at the Benghazi attack and the obvious mishandling and cover up that preceded the attack and then followed it. First there were the ignored warnings given to the White House and State Department by the C.I.A., F.B.I. and by State Department Embassy officials and Security personnel in Libya. There were also warnings issued about security concerns by the Libyan Government and the British Foreign Ministry. With these official warnings and numerous attacks prior to the Consulate attack and the repeated requests for additional security personnel the White House and State Dept. denied all requests. There was no prearranged rescue and/or reinforcement arrangements put into play and put on alert even though an attack was to be expected on the anniversary day of 9/11/01. The idea that initial information was sketchy and slow to develop is a complete denial of the facts as they had them. Ambassador Stevens notified his second in command Gregory Hicks immediately after the attack started. Hicks was in Tripoli, Libya at the US Libyan Embassy and immediately notified his superiors at the State Dept. of the events that were unfolding. These warnings went to numerous pre arranged officials including the State Dept. and the White House Situation Room. The Situation Room is conference room and an intelligence management center situated in the basement under the West Wing of the White House and is staffed 24/7 365 days a year and is run by the National Security Council. The staff there is charged with consolidating and quantifying plus the distribution of information that concerns national security issues that may arise both domestically and internationally. With access to the most sophisticated intelligence systems and field reports the Watch Teams can immediately send emergency situation development to the National Security Advisor whose job is to immediately inform the President of the United States. The Watch Team also informs White House personnel including the Secretary of State. What this means is that starting with the President (Obama) and also including the Vice President (Biden), Secretary of State (Clinton) and the Secretary of Defense (Panetta) all knew within minutes from Ambassador Stevens call to his 2nd in command that the Benghazi Consulate was under heavy and sustained attack by terrorists and not a angry mob mad about some obscure YouTube video. Their announcements that the attack was because of some phantom mob was a deliberate lie to deceive the American people and the National Press. The Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner needs to immediately form a Special Committee to take over the investigation to consolidate the 5 current committees that are currently investigation Benghazi separately. The first 2 witnesses that need to be called are General Curtis Ham the Commander of AFRICOM and Admiral Charles M. Gaouette Commander of Carrier Strike Group Three (CSG-3). Both of these career officers received the desperate communications requesting support. Both men readied their response personnel and reported to the Joint Chiefs that they were ready to launch reinforcements or a rescue mission if needed. Both of these officers received the same “Stand Down” orders but decided to disregard what they considered were wrong orders and proceeded with their missions. Within mere minutes both men were relieved of command and were then placed under investigation. These 2 officers have firsthand knowledge of who gave them the infamous stand down orders and whoever gave that order can then be brought in to testify who authorized them to issue such a command. Only with this information will the investigation be able to uncover where the stand down order first originated from.


Next we have the IRS targeting conservative groups and subjecting them to illegal and intrusive questioning and intimidation by initiating targeted income tax audits.  Conservative groups, Christian groups and groups supporting Israel that were  seeking 501(C) (4) Tax Exempt Status were subjected to prolonged delays and stalling while being required to furnish information that should have never been asked for. One business woman in particular drew the attention of the IRS when she applied for her exempt status. She was required to fill out over lengthy and intrusive request forms asking for email accounts, Twitter accounts and what was said in them and what “might” be said in them in the future. Her voter fraud organization was subjected to an immediate tax audit and her husband’s business was also audited for the first time in its 20 year existence and was investigated by the FBI 7 times and was also subjected to an OSHA inspection that they failed for suspicious reasons but were fined $10,000.00. Coincidence? The White House is trying to blame a couple low level local IRS workers for being too ambitious and not following IRS rules. The current Acting IRS Administrator Steven Miller who was asked to resign arrogantly gave vague and misleading testimony to an investigation committee. His predecessor who was in charge was promoted to head the IRS’s involvement in administering Obamacare. There seems no end to the arrogance of the Obama Administration’s abuse of the Constitution and the guarantees laid for in it. In this case a Special Prosecutor needs to be named and all those responsible for this illegal targeting need to be prosecuted and punished for their part in the IRS Targeting Scandal.


The 1st Amendment was trampled by the Justice Department recently with the secret seizure of Associated Press journalist’s phone records under the guise of National Security. Over 100 reporters had not only their business phone calls tracked and read but also their private home and cell phones. Fox News has had their own chief Washington correspondent James Rosin subjected to this same 1st  Amendment infringement as the Justice Department sought and received a warrant to read all of his emails. This time the Justice Dept. has gone even further in that Rosin may be identified as an “aider and abettor and/or co-conspirator” because of his investigation into Security Leaks. Just as in the case of the Associated Press Rosins personal information seizure was justified by the Justice Dept. as well as President Obama on grounds of National Security. By invoking the National Security clause the Administration can bypass the normal procedures for obtaining phone and email records. The Obama Administration has investigated more so called security leaks in four years than all other Presidents combined. Suspiciously only leaks that depart from the Obama Doctrine seem to catch the attention of the Obama Administration and the Justice Dept. Leaks that benefit the Obama Administration such as the killing of Osama bin Laden were immediately leaked by the Administration to the media to show how successful they have been in the “War on Terror” now known as “Overseas Contingency Operations”.


The Republicans would do well to stop talking about impeachment and intensify and accelerate the investigations into all three of these scandals. Only with the use of a Special Prosecutor and Special Committees will the truth finally come out and those found culpable prosecuted and punished. The next scandal that is waiting in the wings involves the EPA and its administrators illegally using private email accounts for official business to avoid these correspondences from being discovered and made public. The honesty and integrity of any administration can be seen by looking at its track record. So far the Obama Administration has shown it possesses neither honesty nor integrity. The Founding Fathers put forth certain guarantees when they wrote the Constitution and the Obama is doing its best to ignore all of them. Their arrogance will ultimately be rewarded when justice is served and they will be held up as examples of what wide spread and encouraged corruption is allowed to flourish.


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