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             Benghazi and the Failure of Congress to Properly Investigate

The terrorist attack on September 11, 2012 on the U.S. Consulate and the C.I.A. Annex in Benghazi Libya was the result of a planned attack by terrorists associated with al-Qaida. That fact was well known to the White House, State Department and the Military from the beginning. The Obama Administration knowingly misled the American people by repeatedly and officially stating it was the result of an obscure YouTube video called Innocence of Muslims. By all standards this was an official cover up by the President of the United States, the Vice President, Secretary of State, the State Department, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and numerous other members of the Obama Administration. Because of the impending Presidential Election the investigation was stonewalled by those mentioned above by denying Congress access to pertinent information and personnel. This action was a deliberate Obstruction of Justice that has to this date not been charged even though the evidence is overwhelming. After a successful but questionable re-election of President Obama, Congress finally started its investigation with the Senate and House of Representatives each conducting their own and independent hearing.

A brief timeline of the Obama Administration lies and cover up is as follows. Keep in mind this is after the Administration knew the attack was the result of a planned terrorist attack and not that of a obscure video:

Sept. 12, 2012: The Obama Administration announces the attack was the result of a mob action that got out of control because of a video. This was done by the President himself in a Rose Garden speech, later that day White House Press Secretary Jay Carney at a press briefing reiterates the video scenario and states upon further questioning that the investigation is still ongoing an further states it was too early for the administration to make a judgment on the cause of the attack.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton releases a statement blaming the attack on a YouTube video she described as “inflammatory material posted on the Internet”.

Sept. 13, 2012: Sec. of State Clinton in a televised statement again blames the video as the reason for the attack and denies American involvement in the film.  At the daily press briefing Jay Carney also blames the attack on the video.

Sept. 14, 2012: At a ceremony held for the receiving of the bodies of the 4 slain Americans Sec. of State Clinton again blames the attack on the video. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland announces the State Department will no longer answer questions about the attack because it was now in the hands of the FBI.

Sept. 15, 2012: In a weekly address President Obama makes no mention of a terrorist attack but does mention the anti-Muslim video.

Sept. 16, 2012: U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice appears on 5 separate T.V. news programs and claims that according to the best information at their disposal the attack was the result of a “spontaneous reaction to the anti-Muslim video and not preplanned attack by anti-American terrorists.

I will end the timeline there as it has established the Obama Administration’s deliberate cover up and persons involved in it. Almost a month after the attack the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chaired by Darrell Issa held hearings on Benghazi. Those testifying were  Under Secretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Programs Charlene Lamb; Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom, who was stationed in Libya before the attacks; and Lt. Col. Andrew Wood, a Utah National Guardsman. After questionable testimony the hearing was adjourned with questions still unanswered. Chairman Issa promised that further investigations would be held, we are still waiting for those investigations. We will skip to the hearings of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the ineptness of the Congressional members who questioned her. Sec. Clinton testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee where the Senators on the Republican side wasted their time by long opening statements and then a long series of questions that took up most of their time and allowed the Sec. to pick what question she would answer and stalled until time ran out for that Senator. When the Democratic Senators questioned Sec. Clinton there was no hard questioning, only lavish praise for a job well done under difficult circumstances. The Senate hearing ended with no new revelations and Mrs. Clinton leaving the meeting without having to answer any hard questions. Clinton then went to the House and the same scenario was repeated only with even less being revealed.

The entire investigation so far has been an insult to the American people who have put their trust in the people they elected to do their jobs responsibly. The tragedy of the Benghazi terrorist attack and the resulting cover up, have been pushed to the side lines. It is obvious that the Obama Administration has to this point succeeded with their cover up and obstruction of justice and that the Congress lacks the will to get to the bottom of the attack. As of this date there are no official hearings scheduled for further investigation into the attack in Benghazi. Key players and witnesses have left the Obama Administration and returned to civilian life where further questioning will be vastly more difficult. Only time will tell if the truth will ever be revealed and those responsible will be brought to justice. Gauging from past experiences the future of any action on Benghazi seems to be in doubt. It is a sad epilogue to the 4 brave Americans who gave their lives serving their country with bravery and distinction. It is also sad that the Obama Administration will escape unscathed in their handling of the entire Benghazi debacle.

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