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Edward Snowden and the Obama Effect

Edward Snowden has been called everything from a whistle blower to a traitor to a patriot; it all depends on who is describing him. One thing is for sure, he broke federal law by removing and then revealing top secret classified material. A warrant for his arrest was filed with charges including theft of government property, unauthorized communication of national defense information and willful communication of classified intelligence information to an unauthorized person. Snowden was also charged with espionage under the Espionage Act of 1917. The Obama administration has filed an extradition request with Hong Kong that was denied because under Hong Kong law they do not recognize extradition requests when it involves political reasons. The US Extradition Treaty with Hong Kong has an exception for political offences that may also include espionage.

Country after country has defied the US by offering safe sanctuary to Snowden including China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba and possibly Iceland. Obama’s foreign policy boondoggles have shown the world that he and his administration are non-confrontational, inept and naive. World leaders lead and are followed by those who either respect you or fear you and neither apply to Obama. His world apology tour coupled with his support of radical groups like the Muslim Brotherhood have given our allies pause in supporting any measure put forth by this White House or State Department. In this age of digital news reporting government scandals are read worldwide almost as they happen. The scandal ridden Obama administration has not only raised eyebrows worldwide but has also raised suspicions about the trustworthiness of this White House and the US State Dept.  The Justice Departments targeting journalists with their phone and email intrusions have caused countries to worry about their own journalists being targeted. The NSA scandals with its own policy of gathering private phone information and email correspondences have angered countries like Germany and Great Britain. Now this latest information that has been made public by Edward Snowden that has implemented the US in hacking into Chinese computers when the US has not only accused the Chinese of doing the same but have made numerous public statements denouncing such behavior.

All of these taken separately are troublesome for the Obama administration, but when they are all added together it becomes obvious not only to Americans but also the rest of the world that the Obama administration has no respect for the rule of law or international protocols. America has lost the respect of the entire world and no country fears any responsive action for anything they choose to do. With problems mounting in the Middle East it is imperative that countries work together but the handling of foreign policy by the Obama administration has made most countries leery of trusting anything that is promised or suggested by this White House or the State Dept. 

It has been reported that Snowden is in possession of several laptop computers with additional information that would shed even more light on the NSA and top secret information he has knowledge and supposed proof of. This information has the potential to be devastating to US Intelligence gathering. Will it come out that the NSA has been hacking into other countries computer systems? If so what effect will that have on our allies when it comes to trusting the Obama administration. Snowden’s revelations have become an international incident whose repercussions have yet to manifest themselves completely. Trust once lost is difficult at best to reestablish and in most cases impossible to do.

President Obama’s lack of interest in leading the country and world in favor of political fundraising has finally caught up with him and America will be forced to suffer the consequences. With the terrorist problems that have plagued not only America but the world this lack of interest and leadership may well prove catastrophic. The question of whether President Obama will abandon the political gamesmanship he has spent most of his time as president involved in is for now unanswerable. What he needs to do is concentrate on problems of the State and Foreign Affairs. Time is running out in a very dangerous world and naiveté has no place in the White House where the consequences of amateur mistakes can mean a regional or world war.


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