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Leadership……and the Systemic lack of it in America today


Leadership as defined by the dictionary is as follows:



1.      The act of leading a group of people or an organization

2.      The state or position of being a leader

Synonym: guidance-lead-direction-management-command

 Leadership is a position often sought after, often obtained but seldom practiced. Many, who attain that leadership they so covet or take on, fail to live up to its demands. It is easy to call oneself a leader but it is difficult to lead effectively because it demands strength, courage and a commitment to do what is right even if it is personally distasteful. Many leaders are born and many leaders learn to lead through trial and error and some leaders never learn to lead at all. They hold the position but are frozen or incapable of making a decision that is needed for the good of those who follow them. They are a mere figurehead who go with the flow and take the least controversial actions they can. In the end poor leadership is worse than no leadership at all, poor leadership can destroy that which they have endeavored to lead.

Case in point but not limited to is the President of the United States Barak Obama. He sought and achieved the highest leadership role in America, that of President and Commander in Chief. He was totally unprepared to accept the responsibilities of either and has led America to the brink of financial collapse and world humiliation. Through his lack of leadership he has allowed those under him to perpetrate the breaking of laws and to act as loose cannons doing as they please and getting away with it because their leader is either a willing accomplice or incapable of stopping that which they do wrong. Department heads are allowed to or encouraged to overstep their bounds and to do things they are not entitled to do and they gladly pursue their own interests without regard for consequences because their leader will provide cover for them as long as they are perceived to be effective.   Take for instance the IRS and how it singled out conservatives, the NSA and how it has and is gathering information on every citizen in America whether they are suspected of a crime or not. The Justice Department and their trampling of reporters 1st and 4th Amendment rights, the EPA and its singling out conservatives in restricting their FOI (Freedom of Information) requests. Consider too the DHS and their targeting of Veterans, Christians, and Tea Party members as possible domestic terrorists. Let us also not forget the State Dept. and their total mishandling and ensuing cover-up of Benghazi. The same can be said of our elected officials in Congress who seek their own fame above all others and don’t do the job they were elected to and committed to. Their only concern is with numbers and how many it will take for them to keep their jobs while they pursue their own interests.

The failure of leadership at the top permeates down through the ranks and causes some to think they can do anything they want and get away with it. It is a sure way to destroy the continuity and morale of any organization. Poor leadership is not restricted to just the government in America but has infected business, our school systems, charities, social organizations and too many others to list here.  How many of you have seen this happen in your place of work or clubs and organizations you are a part of. Some individuals can cause trouble and disharmony but always seem to not only get away with it but are held up as outstanding individuals and contributing to the success of whatever they are involved in. Where you may ask have gone the ideas of reward for well doing and the punishment of those who break the rules? They have gone by the wayside because so many leaders of today are incapable of leading properly and making the tough decisions. We can only hope that some of them will come to their senses and do the things that they know in their hearts they need to do. America as a whole is in serious trouble and it will take real leadership to get us out of it, the question is will the leaders of today make the right decisions.


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