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                              Negotiating with the Taliban?

The White House and State Department have announced that negotiations will begin Thursday 6-19-13 with representatives of the Afghanistan Taliban in Doha, Qatar. The opening negotiations are reported to be on the different agendas presented by each side and plans for future talks. These future talks are expected to be on subjects like the Taliban cutting ties with al’Queda and other terrorist groups. Other topics in the future will include Religious freedom, Civil Rights for women, schooling for youths including girls, free elections and the illegal drug trade to start with. Perhaps I am overly skeptical but we are talking about a religious movement that espouses each of these topics as part of their goals when they regain control of the country. These are the same people who have in the past agreed to these same topics before and ignored every one of them. These are the people who shot a little unarmed girl in the head as she sat on a bus for her stand and support for education for women and girls in Afghanistan. These are the same people who swore allegiance to the American military as they posed as Afghan government soldier and police and then murdered those same Americans after gaining their trust. In a statement emailed to the Associated Press Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the Taliban “Opposes the use of Afghan soil to threaten other countries and supports the negotiation process” also “The Taliban are willing to use all legal means to end what they called the occupation of Afghanistan” Once again these are the people who gave sanctuary to the terrorists to train and equip that attacked America on 9-11-01. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki stated during a press briefing on Tuesday 6-18-13 that “An Afghan led and Afghan owned peace and reconciliation process is the surest way to end violence and ensure lasting stability in Afghanistan and the region” also stating that “You know, these statements represent an important first step towards reconciliation, the outcome of which must be that the Taliban and other insurgent groups break ties with al’Queda and violence and accept Afghanistan’s constitution including protections for women and minorities” Lofty words of “Hope and Change” that we have heard before. Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s High Peace Counsel is expected to conduct its own talks with the Taliban in the days after.

Radical Islamists share the same philosophy regardless of what country they live in; their root belief in Islam remains the same. Although we are talking about Afghanistan the same mind set is held by those who are fighting in Syria. The Syrian rebels have been inundated with volunteers from all over the Arab world with al’Queda members flooding into the country to subvert the original movement and to engage in their own goals. The sheer brutality, that these radical fighters and groups engage in are appalling. I am adding a link to a video that I must warn you is extremely graphic in nature. (WARNING!!! This video contains extremely graphic images and Cannibalism that may be very disturbing and are intended for ADULT viewing only. It is added only to emphasize the brutality that Radical Islamists are and have been capable of)

The Taliban have in the past shown they have no qualms about using torture, dis-figuration, be headings, murder and intimidation to rule Afghanistan. Taliban adhere to many different Islamic beliefs but all share the goal of Afghanistan being ruled under Sharia Law. Under this law individual freedoms cease to exist for women and girls and the consequences for breaking Sharia Law are both swift and brutal. These are the people that the Obama Administration is going to engage in talks with. The idea that the Taliban will abandon their core beliefs is naïve at its best and dangerously foolish at any cost. Afghanistan has a history of being occupied by numerous civilizations and countries. They have been embroiled in civil wars, wars between tribes, war with occupiers throughout their entire history. In recent history, both the British and the former Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan with the British relinquishing their control in 1919 by signing the Treaty of Rawalpindi. The Soviet Union first entered Afghanistan on Dec. 25th, 1979 and finally ended their war and occupation after agreeing to the Geneva Accords in April of 1988.

History has shown that the Afghan people resist any form of occupation by any foreign entity and will resist any attempt to install a democratic government in favor of their own multi-interpreted form of government. The Obama Administration has already admitted even before talks start that it will be a difficult and long process of negotiations with no guarantee of success. A simple study of history would save them the trouble if they were interested in the chance of success but it seems that they are not. What the negotiations do achieve is to draw attention away from the numerous scandals that are flooding the news headlines daily. In closing one has to realize that the Taliban will in theory agree to any proposals made by the US to effectively get the US to withdraw from Afghanistan. After the US is no longer in a position of influence the Taliban will revert to their established goals of setting up Sharia Law and the law of the land and to once again give sanctuary to terrorists groups to find a safe haven and to train and plan their next attacks against not only the US but governments around the world.


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