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                                      Obama and the National Media

                                            A love affair going sour?


Watergate reporter of fame Bob Woodward of the Washington Post received a threat from White House Senior Official Gene Sperling, the director of the White House Economic Council stating “But I do truly believe you should rethink your comment about saying that Potus asking for revenues is moving the goal posts” and he continued with “I know you may not believe this, but as a friend, I think you will regret staking out this claim”  Woodward is not the first journalist to receive threats from the Obama White House. Lanny Davis of the Washington Times on his column Purple Nation had his Editor contacted and threatened with losing their press credentials if Davis’s column was run again. Marc Ambinder of This Week was also threatened to stop his criticism of Obama. CBS News T.V. host Sharyl Attkisson who was investigating Fast and Furious received the not so veiled threats when she was subjected to an intense phone call that involved intimidation and a cussing out because she was pursuing a story the Justice Department was angry about.

While it is normal for any White House to discourage negative press coverage, it is the Obama White House that touts itself as the most transparent White House in history that is the most aggressive in either threatening or ignoring reporters. White House spokesman Jay Carney has a habit of either stonewalling on questions the White House doesn’t want to answer or just ignoring a question and walking away from the podium. This latest attack on Bob Woodward may serve to alienate a press that has been by and large strong supporters of Obama.  While some like Glenn Thrush, Ben Smith, Jeffrey Goldberg, Evan Smith and a few others are throwing Woodward under the bus others are reevaluating their open support the Obama Administrations and its practice of intimidating their colleagues. Perhaps the Benghazi cover up, Fast and Furious and the many attempts of intimidation are finally at a point that even the ardent Obama supporters are reaching their limit. Obama may very well have ended the media’s love affair he has enjoyed and real reporting can begin. Although I am not holding my breath for this to happen it is encouraging to see some of the hard core liberals finally speaking up.



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2 Responses to The Sentinel of Liberty……Obama and the National Media

  1. ebarnes says:

    Woodward has been a reporter taking on all comers, not just Republicans. This administration has enjoyed a total lack of probing questions since the beginning. I would love to see some real reporting and tough questions asked and answered. I, like you, don’t see that happening. But, Woodowrds comments do have substance. Here is a bit more about Woodward…….

  2. topshot says:

    Unfortunately the media will continue to give this administration a pass when it comes to questions. Obama has been acting like Chicken Little screaming that the Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling and the media have echoed that lie. At least the people of America have seen how phoney this Pretender in Chief really is and hopefully that will help the Republicans keep the House and take over the Senate. If we can just have the House and Senate medical staff give the Republicans testosterone injections then maybe something can actually get done that benefits America.

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