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The disaster known as the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is the all consuming item on President Obama’s mind. It was to be his crowning achievement that was supposed to guarantee a positive legacy and his place in history as the President who ushered in universal healthcare. He will fail in both and will be remembered as the President that did more to harm the healthcare system in America than any other President in history. He is well aware that the law is not only flawed but totally unworkable and knows if the democrats lose control of the Senate he will be stymied to pass new Bills to fix it. Knowing this he will accelerate his illegal use of his executive orders to sway the upcoming elections. First he illegally delayed the Employer Mandate  until 2015 so its effects won’t be felt by Americans until after the Mid Term elections. As President he is the head of the Executive Branch charged with enforcing laws passed by Congress and not with changing or modifying existing laws or not enforcing parts of any law he may disagree with. Laws can only be drawn up, passed and enacted by the Legislative Branch. Now he is threatening to use his “Pen and Phone” to bypass Congress yet again by delaying the Individual Mandate until 2015 once again so the effects won’t be felt until after the Mid Term elections. By delaying the catastrophic effects of both the Employer and Individual Mandates Obama is trying to use the power of the Executive Order illegally for blatantly political reasons. Several lawsuits have already been filed with more on the way questioning the constitutionality of Obama’s illegal use of EO’s. One such suit involves a petition filed by Judicial Watch on Dr. Larry Kawa’s behalf in the Southern District of Florida against the U.S. Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service — argues that the delay of the employer mandate “exceeded statutory authority, is arbitrary, capricious, and contrary to law, and is otherwise unlawful.” Another suit pending in federal court claims Obamacare violates the Constitution’s Origination Clause, which states that all revenue measures are required to originate in the House.  Other suits involve the issue of whether subsidies are permitted in federally run healthcare exchanges. State after state have had their Attorney Generals file suit in federal courts around the country and inevitably Obamacare will either fail on its own as implodes or the courts will rule against it.

With democrats around the country backtracking on their original enthusiastic support of Obamacare and the great possibility that the republicans will not only hold the House and gain seats there is also the looming threat that the democrats will lose control of the Senate. Obama’s only chance to stave off a massive midterm election defeat is with the continued illegal use of EO’s. Obama may think he is above the controls of the constitution but it is only a mirage that will quickly fade away when his abuses are rules to be unconstitutional and reversed. The constitution clearly defines what a President can do and what he can’t do and Obama (the supposed constitutional scholar) will learn that lesson and watch his attempted crowning achievement go down in flame.

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