The Sentinel of Liberty……Could Obama’s Weak Foreigh Policy Lead To A Mid-East War

Could Obama’s Weak Mid-East Foreign Policy Lead To A Mid-East War?

The failure of the Obama Administration to project a strong leadership role in the Middle East has caused chaos within the Arab countries and Israel. As the Arab Spring took hold and spread Obama stood on the sidelines not willing to lead as country after country and leader after leader faced uprising that toppled some the top leaderships. So far the leaders of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen have been disposed and replaced with radical governments controlled either totally or partially by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood has through its actions and statements called for the elimination of Israel not only as a country but as a people. It is also a self stated enemy of the United States yet the Obama Administration has not only refrained from criticizing them it has sent billions of dollars in aid and has supplied in the case of Egypt with plans to deliver 20 more F-16 Falcon fighter jets and up to 200 M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks. Obama has also remained on the side lines concerning Iran’s nuclear weapons development programs. This nonparticipation by America has only emboldened the Iranian’s in their quest to obtain a working nuclear weapon and has forced Israel to take steps that have now proven to be the primer for the Arab world to unite in a war to destroy Israel once and for all. On Wednesday Israeli jets struck a convoy within Syria that they say was carrying weapons destined for Hezbollah. The weapons reportedly included Russian made SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles and possible chemical weapons. The SA-17 SAM is capable of a range of 20 miles and an altitude of 72,000 feet, if the missiles had reached Hezbollah it would have changed the dynamics of the Israeli Air Force to project its power and to protect its air space. Syria has now called upon its Arab neighbors to retaliate against Israel with Iran providing weapons to terrorists to conduct attacks on Israeli interests both inside and outside of Israel.

Israel in under no illusion that America can now counted on as a deterring force against the nations now allied against her. The U.N has showed it will not stand as a neutral organization in the dispute but has instead shown a preference to side with the Arab nations. With the uprising continuing in Syria Israel is afraid terrorist elements within the Syrian opposition movement will overrun weapon storage facilities and take the weapons stored there to use against them. With Syria announcing that it has a “a surprise decision to respond to the aggression of the Israeli warplanes” Israeli military forces are on full alert and have moved some of the Iron Dome anti-missile systems to the Lebanese border. As stated earlier the Muslim Brotherhood equally blames America for any actions Israel may take and therefore we should also expect a possible terrorist attack perhaps like the one in Benghazi on one of our foreign assets or possibly within the United States itself.

The lack of a strong foreign policy by the Obama administration has not only caused confusion and possible war in the Middle East but also opened up America itself to possible terrorist’s attacks here at home.

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