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The General Accounting Act of 1921 requires the President of the United States to submit an annual federal budget for the entire government to the Congress the first Monday in February annually. The Congress, composed of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives is then required to within 6 weeks to submit their “Views and Estimates” of spending revenues to the House and Senate Budget Committees to draft and report a concurrent resolution on the budget. Although required by law President Obama and the Senate, led by Senator Harry Reed from the state of Nevada have for 4 out of 5 years failed in their duty to present a annual budget to the Congress to vote on. The one dismal budget Obama did submit failed by not one Senator, Republican or Democrat voting for it. What President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reed have done is to first blame Bush and when that fails to blame the Republicans. The latest con game they are trying to pull on the American people is that it is the Republican’s fault if sequestration happens. Although the Republican’s deserve their fair share of condemnation for agreeing in the first place with the idea of sequestration it was Obama’s White House that first proposed the idea and 2 days after it passed the president went to great lengths to tell the country that if Congress were to offer a fix he would veto it unless he got what he wanted. Ever since he was first elected Obama has been reluctant to state his administrations intentions other than to demonstrate that division plays a great part of any course they may take. The constant bombardment of the rich not paying their fair share of taxes and the Republican’s wanting to destroy Social Security has done nothing but to split the country into 2 camps. Those who work and pay their taxes, and those who don’t work and receive some sort of government assistance. The massive spending binge the President has been on has accumulated more debt than all past Presidents put together and he wants to spend even more. Congress itself adds to the deception and debt by piling on pork barrel projects for their own edification with their voting constituents. If they “Bring home the bacon” they stand a better chance for reelection and for a politician reelection is not only the name of the game but the only game. Pork barrel projects are where we get hundreds of millions of American tax dollars going for things like the study of cow manure’s effects on the environment or the modernization of an airport where only one plane lands once a month or the study of the sex lives of tsetse flies. Congressmen and women add these outrageous ear marks as a condition to securing their vote on a sponsored bill, it is a game they all play but they play it with the hard earned taxes the people pay. Remember when then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said they would “Drain the swamp”? The only thing that has been drained is the federal treasury and the Liberals not only seem oblivious to that fact they seem to be happy about it. When you or I and most reasonable people look at our budgets we have to balance how much money we have coming in vs. the amount of money going out. Not so with this President and Congress, unlike us they can just print or borrow more money to feed their ever growing entitlement programs. We on the other hand must cut our expenditures or go bankrupt which is where America is heading.

Simple economics are thrown out the window in favor of political power and real solutions are covered over by smoke and mirrors or just flat out lies. While America approaches a financial cliff, America’s political leaders continue to play the “Gotcha” game of one upsmenship. When was the last time you have heard the truth from your Senator or Congressman or the President of the United States? One may have to go back in time to when the Founding Fathers served the country as a Patriot with the well being of the people as their guide rather than their own political career. America has a chance to make changes in 2014 when many of these career politicians come up for reelection, by voting out those who serve self before their duty then perhaps Real Change can come to America. Without change America is doomed to follow the example set by Greece and other failed economies and be reduced to third world status.


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