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               Syria-A Quagmire We Don’t Need To Get Into


The Syrian situation is a perfect example of Obama leading from behind and putting the US in a no win situation. When the revolution first started it was by partisans who were looking for true freedom from a brutal dictator and were moderate by Middle East standards. With the proper help at the beginning, Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad and his government would have fallen rather quickly but Obama preferred to sit on the sideline and let other countries take the lead and nothing was actually done to help the rebels. Instead the Radical Muslims filled the void and took over the movement. Russia and Iran began to send support to Assad in the form of monetary support and weapons supply and in the case of Iran physical support as well. The Russias led by Vladimir Putin, who is no friend of America has sent and is sending sophisticated offensive and defensive weapons to defeat the rebels and to make it difficult and dangerous for any outside nation to provide any substantial support for the opposition. Obama took a wait and see attitude and the time for American support has passed. Obama made a big deal out of establishing a “Red Line” concerning the use of chemical or biological weapons used by Assad. That line was crossed and nothing was done except more threats and stalling. The entire Arab world was shown that Obama prefers disengagement over action and that his word and threats mean nothing. The next time some Arab country wants to antagonize or attack America and her interests they will remember that Obama stood by and did nothing when his Red Line was crossed. The Syrian situation has caused untold unrest in all of the Middle Eastern countries and has put Americas only true Allie Israel in a very tenuous situation. With the delivery of advanced Russian air defense systems any proposed attack by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) will be met with a greater chance for lost aircraft and a failed mission.

Obama is now going to send small arms that will do no good against attack aircraft, tanks and artillery. A No Fly Zone will be difficult at the least with the same worries the Israelis have now. America is in no mood to put American boots on the ground and get entangled in a no win situation where the only result would be dead American members of the military. Should Obama decide to send sophisticated heavy weapons as suggested by some in Congress such as Rep. John McCain the end result will be totally disastrous.  America would be arming members of the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Queda and untold numbers of other terrorists who have stated very clearly that their next target will be America herself. These are radicals who would stop at nothing to attack America and her interests here at home or internationally. Syria has Vietnam written all over it and if you thought the outcome of Vietnam was bad Syrian involvement would make it pale by comparison. The best action for America to take is to monitor the situation and take decisive action when and where needed. This can be done with America’s arsenal of advanced aircraft and standoff weapon systems.

It has been suggested that Obama is lost in the tall grass concerning the Middle East but it is more than just that. We have a President who hasn’t a clue what to do either diplomatically or militarily and has a habit of disengagement and being uninvolved over the changing situations in a very tumultuous world. He would rather spend his time fundraising and taking a million dollar vacation to Africa. The Middle East burns and the President of the United States still wants to lead from behind. America’s only smart move is to let the Arabs work the Syrian situation out on their own and to stand strong with our commitment to Israel.  America’s military deserves better than to be forced into a no win situation where the only result will be more dead members of America’s military and an embarrassing defeat. The Office of the President of the United States is not a place for amateurs and that is what we have now and a quick look at the news from the Middle East will prove just that.


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