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The State Dept. under then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been rocked lately with Scandal after scandal. Benghazi is the best known scandal and cover up but our State Dept. under Sec. Clinton is wrought with lawlessness, bad behavior and a propensity to cover up, lie or deny any allegations of wrong doing. The alibi of “I have no knowledge of this or that” or “I don’t recall” “I was not involved” or “That was handled by someone else so you would have to ask them” aren’t being accepted anymore and Congressional investigators have shown they are tired of the blatant stonewalling.

According to an internal  State Dept. Inspector General’s memo this newest scandal and controversy first concerns Sec. Clinton’s own personal security detail hiring prostitutes while on official trips abroad and seemed endemic of their behavior. The danger of this kind of behavior is that members of the security detain could be blackmailed into divulging state secrets such as travel plans and security detail protocol and detailed security plans. Such information in the hands of an enemy would not only endanger the Sec. of State but anyone traveling with her.

The second scandal involves a yet unnamed State Dept. security official in Beirut who “engaged in sexual assaults” of foreign nationals hired as security guards. Also revealed were details of a “underground drug ring”operating in close proximity to the Embassy in Bagdad that was supplying State Dept. Security contractors will illegal drugs.

Third were the allegations that US Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman that he solicited prostitutes that also included minors. It is also alleged that the Ambassadors personal security detail was well aware of this practice and the practice of ditching the detail so he could carry out his escapades in private. Note: The Ambassador was summoned to Washington and after a brief meeting the suspected pedophile was sent back to his post. The investigation was then called off by Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy, Ambassador Gutman was also a large contributor to President Obama’s 2008 campaign to the tune of $500,000.00 and was also involved with financial assistance to the President’s inaugural. Once again showing that those who support Obama are rewarded for their service and any wrongdoing is covered up.

These 3 scandals were just part of the 8 allegations of criminal misconduct that were investigated by the Inspector General that have been brought to light so far. Lawmakers from both parties have called the allegations serious and proposed a permanent State Dept. Inspector General position. What is needed is an intensive investigation by both the Senate and the House to find out if indeed these charges are true and to prosecute those guilty if proven. Rep. Ed Royce (R-Ca) Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee called the allegations of misconduct appalling and said Congress should open an investigation to look into the allegations. It has been suggested that those who covered these allegations up were senior officials working under Sec. of State Clinton. Will Ms. Clinton once again claim that she was unaware of the IG investigation and that it would have been handled by someone other than her? A State Dept. spokeswoman vigorously rejected the allegations that the State Dept. would try to cover up any investigation calling the charge “Preposterous”.  Spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki on Tuesday past refused to either confirm or deny the allegations made against Ambassador Gutman. In an email statement sent to reporters by Ambassador Gutman  he stated he was “angered and saddened by the baseless allegations that have appeared in the press” He also stated that “I live on a beautiful park in Brussels that you walk through to get to many locations, and at no point have I ever engaged in any improper activity” “To watch the four years I have proudly served in Belgium smeared is devastating” Like he would openly admit to activities that are policy and violations of the law including Pedophilia.

Typically Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in a statement to reporters on Tuesday 6-11-13 Reid said “I don’t know what you’re talking about” “What are you talking about?…..I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Obviously the denials and cover up are not restricted to the State Dept. Scandal after scandal has plagued the Obama Administration since he was first sworn in and an attitude of being above the law is systemic throughout the entire administration starting from the top on down. You have a President that is more interested in elections and fund raising that doing his job as the leader of the country. Time after time he has shown that he is uninformed and or uninterested in the business of actually running the country as President and Commander in Chief. He has led the way in stating he was not aware of a particular event or he was letting his subordinates handle the situation. The practice of denial and cover up has permeated his entire administration and as the scandals continue to grow and the cover-ups and denials continue even the liberal media is getting its fill. Corruption can only go on for so long before it catches up with you and Like the Rev. Wright said “The chickens will eventually come home to roost” Will Obama finally cross over the tipping point to where there will be mass resignations? That will be determined by how much the American people are aware of things. At the least there will be some resignations like the one today with the CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell announcing today that he was resigning. This resignation could very well be just the beginning as investigations go forward. Who will ultimately be held responsible for the stalling and cover-ups in the State Dept. will depend on Congress doing a complete investigation. You can add pressure by contacting both your Senators and Representatives and demanding a full account of what has been going on in the state Dept. A list of those in your state can be found here. It is the civic duty of every American to do their part to keep the Federal Government answerable to the American people. As Benjamin Franklins said “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”

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