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                      Where is the Justice

            Pvt. Bradley Manning—Traitor

25 year old Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was sentenced today to 35 years hard labor and Dishonorably Discharged and reduced in rank to Pvt. for releasing more than 700,000 battlefield reports from both Iraq and Afghanistan. Manning had been convicted on 20 counts of divulging classified information including 6 counts of violating the Espionage Act. [Source link used intentionally] Judge Col. Denise Lind did not convict Pfc. Manning of the most serious crime of Aiding the Enemy that would have carried a Life Sentence without parole. The Prosecution asked the Judge for a sentence of 60 years and the Defense asked for 25 years and the judge had the option to give the maximum of 90 years but she decided on a sentence of 35 years. Manning will be credited 1,294 days already served and will be eligible for possible parole in as little as 8 years. Now Pvt.

Pfc. Manning’s release of classified information to Wiki leaks was the largest release of secret classified information in America’s history. The damage caused by these leaks will have ramifications for years to come and very well may have been or may in the future be the cause of American Military deaths. Some of his supporters are hailing him as a hero and nothing more than a whistle blower but they do not take into account that he violated his oath regarding his Top Secret clearance. Prf. Manning was an active member of U.S Army when he leaked this information where as Edward Snowden is a civilian who was involved in a very similar case of leaking classified information. Snowden is currently in Russia evading deportation back to the United States. Snowden will most likely be tried in civilian court so there is even a greater chance of a light sentence being handed down.

 The leaking of critical classified information must be treated in the strongest ways with maximum sentences handed down to deter future leaks and examples need to be made of those who engage in such conduct. Lenient sentences do not provide sufficient deterrence to future potential leakers and only emboldens them

 The one redeeming fact is that the now Pvt. Manning will most likely serve out his time at the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. Military prisons are notorious for the strict treatment prisoners receive. Whatever time Manning serves there will prove to be very unpleasant but was a mild sentence punishment enough for the crimes he committed? That fact will be argued by many until his eventual release.


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