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        The Obama Administration: A Systemic Failure on  Terrorism  and                                                       Transparency   


When Barak Hussein Obama was campaigning for President in 2008 part of his campaign promise rhetoric was that his administration would be the “Most transparent administration in American history”. What he has delivered thus far is an administration that is fraught with secrecy, denials, stonewalling, half truths and outright lies. Megan Kelley of Fox News showed a clip from the old T.V. show Hogan’s Heroes where Sgt. Schultz exclaimed “I have seen nothing, I have heard nothing and I know nothing”. Fitting when applied to the Obama Administration when questioned about anything they don’t wish to talk about. It seems that none of the top administration officials or anyone connected with that administration can answer a question because they don’t have that particular information or they haven’t been informed about the subject or that it is part on an ongoing investigation and they can’t comment on it. There has been an obvious and overt policy to change the language and definition of anything that they disagree with. There is no more “War on Terror” anymore instead we have “Overseas Contingency Operations”. Fort Hood was not a “Terrorist Attack “instead it is labeled as “Workplace Violence”. The terrorist attack in Benghazi didn’t occur at the “U.S. Consulate” but at a “Diplomatic Building”.  “Terrorist Attacks” are referred to as “Man caused disasters” and “Islamic Extremists” are actually “Militant extremists” This is reminiscent of a Magicians use of smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand to divert ones attention away from the obvious.


Recent developments have shown this policy is not only still in effect but that it has been accelerated. Three separate situations have developed that are now plaguing the administration that has now raised the ire of the liberal main stream media, the Benghazi talking points, the IRS targeting conservative groups and the seizure of the Associated Press’s phone records by the Justice Department. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has been grilled extensively recently during official press briefings on all three matters. No longer are journalists accepting the vagueness and the stonewalling that has been part of every previous briefing but are demanding serious answers to their questions. Democrats are also demanding information and an explanation for the actions taken by the IRS and the Justice Department. Even the Benghazi investigation is receiving bipartisan agreement that further hearings are needed. Has the Obama administration reached its tipping point where its actions will no longer be accepted? The 1st Amendment Constitutional ramifications are huge and spying on the press is analogous to kicking a junk yard dog. Any infringement on the ability of the press to investigate their stories or to reveal their sources will be met with a ferocious backlash.


The word Watergate is now being associated with the Obama administration because of the abuses shown by the IRS and the Justice Department and the Congress as well as the main stream media are demanding answers. As with Watergate it wasn’t the break in that undid Nixon’s Presidency but the cover up that followed and the same pattern seems to be emerging again. Calls for special investigations may soon be followed by the call for a special prosecutor and if or when that happens those testifying will have to make the choice to either tow the Obama administrations line and face the real possibility of extended prison time or to tell the truth. When the possibility of real prison time is considered by most their loyalty to a person or administration generally takes second place. More whistle blowers are expected to come forth to testify before Congress and when you couple that with the investigations of the actions taken by the IRS and the Justice Department both that are answerable to the President you have the makings of a perfect storm. If in fact the honeymoon is over between the Obama administration and the press then those in the administration would be wise to seek legal council to protect them against possible future prosecution.


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