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  1. Rich Huston says:


    I have tried to register, but to no avail. It doesn’t seem to except the information I am entering.


    • idahoannie says:

      Hi Rich, go to the front page, select register on the right hand side, your user name has to be lower case only. You will get an email after you register and follow the link. Log in and just blow past the page that asks you for a verification code you don’t need one. We are having a little mishap and I can’t seem to get rid of that dang page…… yet. Hang in there with us.

  2. Michael J. Stapp says:

    Great Site! I intend to visit often.

  3. I thank our Military and Veterans for serving on behalf of my family and I for our liberty. My poetry is my way to show my appreciation.
    I appreciate the sacrifices made by the families of those who serve.

  4. Gary Wells says:

    for thoses who dont know if you where in country even one day durring viet nam you are 50% presumptive service connected. They will not tell you this unless you ask or demand. so dont take no for an answer

  5. Lin says:

    I love the site, Gunny! I would love to link Rebuilding Freedom to my website. Also, if it is ok, I would like to ask all wartime Veterans to help me remind the USA of ALL the sacrifices, by sharing their pics/words for my site.
    Anyone can contact me on Twitter – (MilliePeko)

  6. Andrew says:


    My name is Andrew and I live in Austin. I have a project called the “WYSH Project” and I go around and speak publicly about my suicide attempt while I was in the Army in 2010. I gave a speech in New Orleans last weekend and gave another one this past Sunday here in Austin.

    I have been on Fox News in Austin, WWLTV news in Louisiana, US NBC and various news articles and the Austin Statesman is writing a big article on me. I am the first veteran to go around and speak about my attempt and connect with them and their families. I started doing this because our suicides are now at an all time high. 22 vets and 1 soldier kill themselves a day, we make up for 20% of the suicides in the US.. yet we only make up for less than 1% of the US.

    Would your group have any interest in what I’m doing?

    Website: or



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