Terry McAuliffe (D)                                                                      (804) 786-2211

State Legislature Links

Senators                                                                                       DC Phone                                Reelection

Kaine, Tim  (D)                                                                              (202) 224-4024                        2018
Warner, Mark R.  (D)                                                                         (202) 224-2023                          2020


(1) Wittman, Robert J. (R)                                                              (202) 225-4261
(2) Rigell, Scott  (R)
                                                                        (202) 225-4215
(3) Scott, Robert C. (D)
                                                                    (202) 225-8351
(4) Forbes, J. Randy  (R)
                                                                  (202) 225-6365
(5) Hurt, Robert  (R)
                                                                         (202) 225-4711
(6) Goodlatte, Bob  (R)
                                                                     (202) 225-5431
(7) Brat, Dave  (R)
                                                                            (202) 225-2815
(8) Beyer, Don (D)
                                                                            (202) 225-4376 
(9) Griffith, Morgan  (R)
                                                                   (202) 225-3861
(10) Comstock, Barbara  (R)
                                                             (202) 225-5136
(11) Connolly, Gerald E. “Gerry”  (D)
                                               (202) 225-1492



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  1. gladimamerican says:

    What’s next for Eric Cantor? I can’t imagine he was happy to lose the primary, but really, bailing out now seems like something a spoiled child would do. Yes, he’s asked the governor to hold a special election along with the general election in November, but that leaves his constituents without representation from August 18 when his resignation takes effect, until November. What’s the hurry Eric? Will he go to the chamber of Commerce, so he can start lobbying in a year? He was right there with the CofC wanting amnesty, hence his loss to Brat. By his early resignation, it doesn’t look like his priority is the people that elected him.

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