Texas Gov. Perry to Deploy 1,000 National Guard Troops to Border

Texas Gov. Perry to Deploy 1,000 National Guard Troops to Border

Editors Note: Finally we have a Governor who is fed up with Obama dragging his feet to stop the invasion of illegals flooding America. With the National Guard helping the Border Patrol deal with the huge influx of illegal children by relieving them of the care of these kids it will allow the Border Patrol to do their job of stopping the illegal drugs that are now streaming across the border. It is a sad state of affairs when the federal government refuses to enforce the immigration laws of America. Obama is doing everything he can to punish Republican Governors by sending the illegals to their states and making them deal with all the problems they create. Both Obama and Attorney General Holder need to be impeached for their flagrant disregard for standing law. [TS]

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said on Monday he planned to send 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the Mexican border to boost security during a surge in illegal immigration by children, a move that could increase pressure on President Barack Obama.

Perry, seen as a possible Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential race, said the guard troops were needed because the flood of children crossing from Mexico had pushed federal border protection to its limits.

“The price of inaction is too high for Texas to pay,” Perry told a news conference.

The governor’s announcement came just days before Obama plans meet with the leaders of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador on Friday to discuss cooperation on the influx of child migrants from Central America.

Perry said the National Guard would help the state’s surveillance and deploy some of its assets, such as aircraft, to monitor the border. He give no indication the Texas National Guard would work directly with U.S. Border Patrol.

During the nine months ending June 30, more than 57,000 children were detained at the U.S.-Mexico border, most of them from Central America, and double last year’s count, according to U.S. government data.

Perry said federal resources had been diverted to take care of those children, creating a vacuum for criminal cartels to step up operations.

Perry previously called on Obama to send 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border.

Before the news conference, White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters: “If this deployment does move forward, it is the kind of step that we would like to see be coordinated and integrated with the ongoing response there.”

Tony Payan, director of the Mexico Center at Rice University’s Baker Institute in Houston, said Perry’s plan was more about politics than security because the state’s guard troops would play supporting roles on the vast border and likely be deployed for a short period of time.

“The operational impact is limited. This forces one to think that this is a political move by Rick Perry,” he said.

The White House and lawmakers have called the influx a humanitarian crisis, and the Obama administration has requested an additional $3.7 billion from Congress to address the situation.

Republicans, who say Obama’s immigration policies have encouraged the flood of children, have so far balked at approving the money.

Source: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/Texas-Rick-Perry-National-Guard-border-crisis/2014/07/21/id/583961/

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Obama Forces Religious Groups To Pick Faith Or Funding

President Barack Obama talks about Ukraine while in the press briefing room at the White House in Washington, July 16, 2014. (REUTERS/Larry Downing)

Editors Note: Once again Obama launches another assault on Christianity for purely political reasons. Instead of dealing with real problems that are plaguing America like the Border Crisis and the Middle East debacle he has ineptly caused by his total disengagement he prefers to fund raise and attack Christians. Without a doubt this is the most corrupt and inept President and Administration in Americas history. It just goes to prove that a President needs more qualifications that that of being a community organizer. [TS]

President Barack Obama is replaying his turnout-boosting 2012 contraception fight against Christian groups by staging a pre-election fight between Christian groups and advocates of new legal rights for gays.

He’s expected to sign a regulation on July 21 that would force religious groups that get federal contracts to give up federal funding if they don’t submit to progressives’ claim that homosexuality and heterosexuality are morally equivalent.

The regulation ensures a fight by banning federal contracts for groups that are reluctant to hire gay, lesbian and transgender people. But many religious group prefer to hire people whose personal lives exemplify the groups’ beliefs about proper relations between men and women.

The regulation doesn’t apply to companies and non-profits that don’t accept government contracts.

The pending regulation was announced in The New York Times.

Gay and lesbian groups cheered the decision, but many religious groups will contest the regulation as a violation of the constitution’s “wall of separation” that protects religious groups from government dictates.

But that’s a fight Obama wants, because it creates a media-magnified emotional conflict that will help spur midterm turnout by gays, lesbians and progressives, and will likely cause a spike in donations from wealthy gays.

Gays and lesbians comprise less than 3 percent of the population, but usually provide roughly 4 percent of voters. More than three in four vote Democratic.

“We are elated at the announcement by the White House that on Monday the President will sign an Executive Order barring discrimination in employment by federal contractors,” said Kate Kendell, the executive director of the National Center for Lesbian rights. “For far too long, LGBT employees have been subject to open bigotry and negative job actions based on factors that have nothing to do with our ability to do the job.”

Obama’s regulation imposes a tough choice on religious groups.

Many religious groups, such as Catholic Charities, seek and accept federal funding because it helps them carry out charitable missions that exemplify their religion and are also sought by government.

Unless they abandon their religious beliefs relating to men and women, the family and sex, they be forced to give up federal funding.

Those efforts include activities such as arranging adoptions, running food kitchens and helping illegal immigrants settle in the United States.

Obama will sign the regulation despite a protest campaign by centrist and left-of-center religious groups, according to the New York Times.

The protesting clerics included Rev. Larry Snyder, the chief executive of Catholic Charities, Rick Warren, the pastor of Saddleback Church — who Obama invited to speak at his 2009 inauguration, and Stephan Bauman, president of World Relief, an evangelical charity.

That campaign was countered by a progressive coalition that denounced any exemption for religious groups.

Once Obama signs the regulation July 21, the religious groups likely will sue in courts for a reversal.

They’ll sue because an existing law — the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act — bars regulators from imposing unnecessary burdens on religious groups.

Obama created a similar fight in the run-up to the 2012 election.

He directed his Obamacare deputies to issue a regulation that forced churches to provide most of their employees with health insurance covering abortion-related services.

That was anathema to Catholic employers, who didn’t want to get involved in funding abortion services.

The resulting fight helped Obama win the November election, because the fight helped boost support among single women.

On June 30, the religious groups won a temporary victory, when the Supreme Court voted 9 to 0 to strike down regulations that contradicted the religious beliefs of a company’s owners. The court ruled that the regulations contradicted the law, because there are less-burdensome ways to achieve the goals sought by regulators.

The court’s decision, however, said the regulators could try to find an alternative regulation that would accomplish their goal of ensuring that nearly all employees of religious groups receive health-related insurance covering abortion-related services.

The Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby Stores decision, however, was met by howls of protest from progressive groups, who claimed it would allow corporations to ignore federal laws.

But that’s good for the White House, because it is likely to stoke Democratic donations and turnout during the next few months.

Source: http://dailycaller.com/2014/07/18/obama-force-religious-groups-to-pick-faith-or-funding/

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The Next IRS? DOJ Accused Of Politically Targeting Industries

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder looks on during a special naturalization ceremony at the Department of Justice in Washington May 28, 2013.   REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque   (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS) - RTX1045I

Operation Choke Point Hearing Reveals DOJ Threats And Strong-Arming

Editors Note: Once again we see the Obama Administration blatantly breaking the law for political reasons. Is there no end to the lawlessness that Obama and his cohorts will do for a political edge? Obama has a totally failed Presidency with debacle after debacle whether it be in his failed Foreign Policy  that has brought havoc to the entire world or in his disastrous Domestic Policies that has brought America to the brink of bankruptcy. The world is safer when he is playing golf or shooting baskets or his favorite pastime, fundraising. The world sighs a relief when he goes on one of his lavish vacations because they know at lest for that time he won’t make the world situation even worse. Holder needs to be impeached and then prosecuted for his part in numerous different scandals. America and the world is suffering because the Obama Administration it totally inept to handle even the simplest crisis. [TS]

A Justice Department fraud prevention program came under fire Thursday for allegedly morphing into actively pressuring banks to deny financial services to businesses for political reasons.

Operation Choke Point functions as a partnership between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and various other federal agencies which deal with bank regulations, specifically the Treasury and the SEC. The objective of the project is to choke-off fraudulent businesses from accessing financial services, in an effort to protect consumers.

The controversy, however, is over allegations that the DOJ is pressuring financial institutions to decline doing business with so-called “high risk” industries which line up squarely against the political leanings of the current administration. These businesses include ammunition sales, payday loans, pornography, fireworks companies, and others—24 industries in total, as listed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

“Operation Choke Point is one of the most dangerous programs I have experienced in my 45 years of service as a bank regulator, bank attorney and consultant, and bank board member. Operating without legal authority and guided by a political agenda, unelected officials at the DOJ are discouraging banks from providing basic banking services…to lawful businesses simply because they don’t like them,” said William M. Isaac, former chairman of the FDIC.

Thursday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing focused on the legality of DOJ overreach. Letters have poured in from company owners in support of these suspicions, noting startling cases where the DOJ reportedly has directly strong-armed banks into dropping clients not engaging in fraud.

Virginia Republican Rep. Robert Goodlatte revealed that one of the more egregious examples sent in to the committee was a meeting between the DOJ and a bank regarding the continued provision of financial services to a payday loan company.

The DOJ official reportedly told the banker, “I don’t like this product, and I don’t believe it should have a place in our financial system. And if you don’t agree, there will be an immediate, unplanned audit of your entire bank.”

The Justice Department has now served over 50 subpoenas on banks, and Alabama Republican Rep. Spencer Bachus expressed considerable concern that dragging banks into a long and expensive process is just an underhanded way of encouraging banks to drop clients as an easy-out.

“Subpoenas are expensive to comply with and can bring unwanted scrutiny. The natural reaction from a financial institution might be to sever relations with the merchant and be done with it,” Bachus said Thursday in a hearing at the Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform, Commercial and Antitrust Law.

Missouri Republican Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer brought forward the End Operation Choke Point Act Tuesday to curb the DOJ’s activities in this area. The act would provide financial institutions with safe harbor to serve customers engaged in legal activities, so as to cut out politically motivated attacks on businesses deemed undesirable by the Justice Department.

Source: http://dailycaller.com/2014/07/18/operation-choke-point-hearing-reveals-doj-threats-and-strong-arming/

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Exclusive: Feds Struggling to Cope With Medical ‘Breakdown’ at the Border

GTY kids on the border 2 mar 140716 16x9 608 Exclusive: Feds Struggling to Cope With Medical Breakdown at the Border

The federal government is so overwhelmed by the current tide of migrants crossing the border it can’t provide basic medical screening to all of the children before transporting them – often by air – to longer-term holding facilities across the country, ABC News has learned.

The director of refugee health in the federal Health and Human Services Department “has identified a breakdown of the medical screening processes at the Nogales, Arizona, facility,” according to an internal Department of Defense memo reviewed by ABC News. The “breakdown” a systemic failure of the handoff of these children between CBP and HHS.

Here’s What Obama Would See If He Visited the Border

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Detained by US Border Patrol

Bipartisan Duo to Introduce Border Bill

Inside the government, officials are sounding alarms, fearing that they and their teams who come in contact with the sick children face potential exposure to infectious diseases from chicken pox to influenza, including rare cases of H1N1, more commonly called swine flu.

Two unaccompanied children were flown from Nogales to California despite having 101-degree fevers and flu-like symptoms, according to the Department of Defense memo. Those children had to be hospitalized.

The memo said pointedly that officials in charge of moving the immigrants from Border Patrol processing centers to Health and Human Services facilities are “putting sick [fevers and coughing] unaccompanied children on airplanes inbound for [Naval Base Ventura County] in addition to the chicken pox and coxsackie virus cases.”

The document said three other kids were in the ICU at local hospitals in California, and two of them were diagnosed with strep pneumonia.

Less than a week later, that same Ventura Naval Base suffered an outbreak of pneumonia and influenza among the unaccompanied minors inside the shelter.

“Preliminary reports indicate that several unaccompanied minors in the shelter had become ill with what appears to be pneumonia and influenza,” according to a statement from the Administration for Children and Families at Health and Human Services.

HHS told ABC News the children were supposed to be screened for sickness before leaving the Border Patrol screening centers.

“When the children arrive at U.S. border stations,” the ACF statement read, “they are screened for health problems and given medical treatment if needed.”

But, according to the memo ABC News reviewed, “Curi Kim [the HHS director of the Division of Refugee Health] has identified a breakdown of the medical screening processes at the Nogales, Arizona, facility.  The  [unaccompanied children] were initially screened and cleared upon entry into that facility with no fever or significant symptoms.  They were not however re-screened and cleared for travel and placement at a temporary shelter.”

While confirming to ABC News the outbreak occurred, HHS would not respond to inquiries about the DOD memo showing sick children were knowingly sent to Naval Base Ventura prior to the outbreak.

“My biggest concerns are with the health of these children,” said Richard Besser, ABC News’ chief health and medical editor. “They are victims going through incredibly stressful circumstances and some will have health issues that need to be treated. Some come from countries that don’t vaccinate against pneumonia or meningitis. They need those vaccines.  Some come from countries where it is flu season. They need that vaccine, too. The big health risks are among these children, not to our communities.”

Once kids are in HHS custody they receive exams and vaccinations, and are screened for tuberculosis, according to ACF,  but more serious illnesses such as meningitis and polio are of little concern for causing an outbreak.

“Children from this region of the world participate in comprehensive childhood vaccination programs, similar to the United States, and are generally well protected from most vaccine-preventable diseases,” ACF said in a statement.

Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras each have rates of vaccination against preventable illnesses such as polio, tuberculosis, measles and pertussis consistent with the United States, according to the World Health Organization.


Latest data on vaccination rates per country, according to Pan American Health Organization 

DTP3 (Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis) Measles MMR1 OPV3 (Polio) BCG (tuberculosis)
Guatemala 94 93 94 100 (2010)
El Salvador 92 93 92 90 (2012)
Honduras* 88 93 88 89 (2012)
United States 94 91  93 n/a (2012)

* In 2010 and 2011, Honduras had rates of 100 percent vaccination for all vaccines listed.


During congressional testimony the first week of July, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said: “We’ve already had one confirmed case of H1N1 in Texas, and have been informed by our federal partners of two additional cases of type A influenza that are likely to be H1N1, in addition to reports of other illnesses at other detention facilities.”

The Texas Department of Health confirmed to ABC News that there have been three flu cases, one confirmed H1N1 and two others being flu type A,  or presumptive H1N1.

According to the CDC, between April 12, 2009 and April 10, 2010, the height of swine flu in the U.S., approximately 60.8 million cases occurred, with 12,469 deaths.

The CDC website stated: The H1N1 virus that caused that pandemic is now a regular human flu virus and continues to circulate seasonally worldwide.

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2014/07/exclusive-feds-struggling-to-cope-with-medical-breakdown-at-the-border/

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Leaked Data Shows 10-Fold Increase In Obama’s Asylum Approvals


The number of foreigners who successfully filed asylum claims in the United States almost tripled from 2012 to 2013, up to 30,393.

That’s 10 times the number from 2008, when President Barack Obama was elected, and it is evidence his immigration officials are agreeing that many people in the growing wave of Central American migrants face a “credible fear” of harm if they are returned. Official approval allows the migrants to file for asylum in immigration court, where judges will approve or reject the asylum request.

If you came illegally to the U.S. seeking asylum in 2013, you had better than a four-in-five chance of successfully filing an asylum claim. That’s up from a three-in-five chance in 2008.

The migrants include mothers with children, and youths who have been brought north by their parents who are living illegally in the United States. Roughly 240,000 migrants — parents, youths and children — are expected to cross the border by the end of September.

The total includes 57,525 unaccompanied youths and children, from October 2013 to June 30, 2014, according to DHS. Because of a 2008 law, unaccompanied youths from countries other than Mexico and Canada don’t have to pass the “credible fear” hurdle, but can directly file asylum cases in immigration courts.

Legislators urged more care in granting asylum after the media reported that the father of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, successfully applied for asylum in 2002.

The internal federal data from the Department of Homeland Security was provided to The Daily Caller by a source.

It shows that officials endorsed 3,097 asylum requests in the year up to Sept. 30, 2008 — dubbed fiscal year 2008 — to people who said they faced a “credible fear” of persecution if they were repatriated.

Obama took office in January 2009, and officials approved 3,411 “credible fear” approvals in the next 12 months, up to the end of September in 2009.

Officials approved another 6,293 in the next 12 months, and another 9,423 in the next 12 months, ending September 2011.

In fiscal year 2012, ending September 2012, Obama’s officials approved 10,838 claims, before tripling the score to 30,393 in 2013.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of would-be migrants — including many “unaccompanied minors” — from Central America began flooding over the southern border.

Many of the youths — roughly half claimed to be aged between 14 and 17 — and the children claimed asylum. Once their asylum claims were submitted, they were subsequently transported by federal agencies to their parents living illegally in the United States. The youths and children are also automatically enrolled in a variety of welfare, education and medical programs, and some receive free legal advice from taxpayer-funded attorneys.

Tens of thousands of adults with children also crossed the border and many claimed “credible fear” of persecution by criminal gangs in their home countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Some parts of those countries are afflicted by gangs, some of which included many former illegal immigrants who were deported from the United States.

Once their “credible fear” claims are endorsed by administration officials, the adults can file for asylum.

The 30,393 “credible fear” approvals in fiscal 2013, ending in Sept. 30, 2013, likely included many of the 2011 and 2012 border-crossers. Few 2013 border-crossers would have their claims adjudicated quickly enough, unless they’re being rubber-stamped by Obama’s officials.

However, the DHS data shows that “credible fear” claims are being approved at a higher rate by Obamas deputies.

The approval rate jumped from 64 percent in 2008 to 84 percent in 2013.

The number of people claiming “credible fear” grew slowly from 118,457 in 2008 to 123,180 in 2011. But it lept up to 183,681 in 2012, indicating a huge number of asylum requests, most likely from the southern border-crossers.

The data does not show the number of people who claimed credible fear in 2013.

When a person make a “credible fear” plea for asylum, the claim is initially checked by police in the Border Patrol or Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Those agencies gave provision approval to 13,880 claims in 2012, but 38,035 claims in 2013. Immigration officials then rejected 1,187 claims of those claims in 2012, and 2,587 claims in 2013.

The data does not say how many of the rejected claimants were repatriated.

According to the Los Angeles Times, only 1,669 immigrants younger than 18 were rejected in 2013. That’s down from 8.143 in 2008.

Source: http://dailycaller.com/2014/07/14/leaked-data-shows-10-fold-increase-in-obamas-asylum-approvals/

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Government Cover-up: Nurse says “They’re going to crush the system. We can’t sustain this.”

There is no way that this country can withstand this onslaught of illegal immigrants. Not only financially, but the spread of diseases. The impact of having these kids in schools across the country. Having to pay for them to be on government programs. The administration has placed gag orders on the medical staff treating these people and on the border patrol that are dealing with taking care of them. If this is the “most transparent” administration, why are there gag orders???  EB

Jeff Schwilk, spokesman for San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition, tells PolitiChicks, that his Border Patrol Agent sources report nearly 25% of the illegal immigrants on the first three flights from the border into San Diego were carriers of contagious diseases. About 100 out of 420 illegal aliens have active scabies. There are reports of coughing up of blood, lice, and fevers, all indicative of disease, sickness, or infection.

His sources indicate that the medical screeners are not able to use the same protocol followed when processing legal immigrants due to the system overload. There are no legitimate quarantine quarters or required clearances due to the massive numbers of illegal aliens coming into Texas. Some treatment is rendered and then they are released into the general population, transferred by plane or bus to their destinations.

Schwilk tells PolitiChicks that a 6th Border Patrol Agent has contracted scabies. Medical staff and the Border Patrol Agents are the first line responders, and as such are subjected to the health issues themselves. They are doing the best that they can but the situation is overwhelming.

Schwilk is just one activist reporting what could be called a government engineered occupation of America by third world illegal immigrants, putting our national health at risk. Reports are flooding the internet media supporting his information.

Government suppression of the health crisis is being leaked. Border medical personnel have been threatened with arrest by those being referred to as the “Brown Shirts”. Todd Starnes reports, “These government-contracted security forces have threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they disclose any information about the contagion threat looming at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. . .” One counselor said the workers were “stripped of their cellphones and other communication devices. Anyone caught with a phone was immediately fired.” Both a counselor and nurse said their supervisors were attempting to cover up the extent of the illnesses. Lice are at an epidemic proportion. Workers are warned not to use the term “scabies”. One counselor reported the facility resembles a giant emergency room—“off limits to the public”. Another nurse observed, “They’re going to crush the system. We can’t sustain this. They are overwhelming the system. I think it’s a travesty.”

A Texas-based agency formerly known as Baptist Child & Family, now as BCFS, have been contracted to run camps at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio and Fort Sill in Oklahoma. According to BCFS, over 7,000 children have been processed through the two camps. They report that, contend, “only 119 children have been treated for lice, 22 for scabies, and one for the H1N1 Flu. BCFS says the most common illnesses seen at Lackland are fever, headache, upper respiratory cold and ingrown toenails. Numbers of illnesses vary between officials and nurses. TB is suspected but officials say that is not unusual.” However, Todd Starnes reports that. “at least a half dozen anonymous sources, including nurses and health care providers who worked at Lackland, allege that the government is covering up what they believe to be a very serious health threat.” Dr. Marc Siegel, a professor of medicine at New York University’s Langone Medical Center and a Fox News A Team medical contributor, said, “Tuberculosis appears to be spreading through several counties in southern Texas.” He told Starnes, “that some counties are reporting twice the usual average number of cases. Some of the tuberculosis that comes from Central America is drug resistant. It’s not easier to spread but it is harder to treat. I’m concerned about that.”

Another gag order was given to a California Border Patrol union representative. “Ron Zermeno told ABC 10 San Diego that he has been placed under a gag order in an attempt to avoid negative news about the state of the southern border from getting out to the public. Zermeno said that the order was designed to prevent him from saying that no agents will be securing the southern border.”



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Feds Aggressive Handling Of Murrieta Protesters Fits Perfectly With Obama Policy

Demonstrators picket against the possible arrivals of undocumented migrants who may be processed at the Murrieta Border Patrol Station in Murrieta, California July 1, 2014. REUTERS/Sam Hodgson

Murrieta, a small town in southern California, has caught the nation’s eye and has become ground zero in the fight over immigration.

Dozens of local residents have taken to the streets to protest bringing illegal immigrants to the town, becoming a lightening rod in the ongoing immigration battle. This prompted reports that the federal government was going to send agents armed with riot gear to disperse the protesters.

To journalist Cheryl Chumley, author of the recently released “Police State USA,” the federal government’s harsh measures against the protesters are perfectly in line with the established policies of the Obama administration.

“Under this administration, you have the tone set that aggressive action will be taken if average citizens, or Congress, don’t act according to this president’s will,” Chumley told The Daily Caller. ”Obama brags about pushing policy with pen and cell phone when Congress won’t act according to his will.”

She compared the situation going on in Murrieta to that of the pitched battle between federal agents and private citizens at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada back in April. Chumley says both cases show that the government won’t hesitate to use force against citizens who dissent against their stated agenda.

“As we saw in Nevada [at the Bundy ranch], I don’t think this administration would hesitate to use armed agents to send a strong message,” Chumley commented.

In her opinion, the current administration is bent on bringing in more immigration to this country and is unwilling to tolerate opposition to that policy — which means this situation will likely lead to more standoffs between federal agents and protesters.

“The federal government is pretty adamant on bringing these children into America, and the protesters are just as adamant about keeping these illegals out and deporting the ones who have been brought in already,” she said. “So you’re going to see a standoff.”

She also explained that the situation in Murrieta arose because the government failed to inform the town why they were bringing these illegal immigrants to their community.

“The mayor there, Allan Long, has no idea why the federal government has chosen Murrieta as the dumping point for these illegals and he has asked repeatedly for information,” the journalist explained.”What’s happening is deafening silence — he hasn’t heard anything back from the federal government.”

Due to the protests, the people of Murrieta had managed to turn away one bus full of detained migrants and forced the government to reroute multiple buses carrying illegal immigrants to other facilities.

“But the protesters refused to go home,” Chumley said. “They’re hanging outside the border patrol facility there waiting to see if anymore buses turn up.”

“Why average Americans — not just those in Murrieta — should be concerned is that illegal immigration upsets the rule of law in America. It turns the Constitution on its end and it also creates an imbalance in America where you have people coming into the country who don’t have any historical understanding of what makes this nation great,” Chumley commented.

And this is just the tipping point, “because these immigrants are not just being brought to border towns but to small communities around the nation, I think you’re going to have a lot of resistance groups, rallies and protests popping up around the nation.”

Chumley believes that the first thing that Republicans should do in regards to this crisis is to not approve the nearly $4 billion that Obama has requested to handle the situation until the border is secure, as she says, ”You shouldn’t give the money until you actually see some action.”

Source: http://dailycaller.com/2014/07/12/author-feds-aggressive-handling-of-murrieta-protesters-fits-perfectly-with-obama-policy/

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Mexico made deal to send more illegal aliens to the U.S.

The border situation is going to continue to get worse and Obama will continue to allow anyone to come into this country. We now know that Mexico is in collusion with Guatemala and maybe the U.S as well. We need to shut down the border once and for all.  EB

On Monday, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina held a joint press conference in Playas de Catazaja, Mexico, to officially announce an agreement to make it easier for those making the illegal journey to the United States from Central America, to cross into Mexico.

The Southern Border Program to Improve Passage, will provide for more border checkpoints along Mexico’s border with Guatemala, and offer more protection and even emergency medical care to those making their way north. The illegal aliens will receive a so-called Regional Visitor’s Card, according to El Universal.

Officially, the program will grant the cards to only illegal aliens from Guatemala and Belize, allowing them to remain in Mexico’s southern states for 72 hours (more than enough time to reach the U.S./Mexican border by train). While, those two countries share a border with Mexico, the program will undoubtedly benefit anyone who makes it to the border, which would explain why our Border Patrol stations are currently overflowing with illegal aliens from El Salvador and Honduras as well.

The program will also give special protection and even financial assistance to unaccompanied minors now pouring across our border. Of course, these efforts, chiefly by the Mexican government, will only increase the number of illegal aliens coming to this country by the thousands, now on a daily basis.

The official announcement only confirms what many of us have known all along…the current chaos on the border which the Obama administration has sympathetically (and dishonestly) characterized as a “humanitarian crisis,” only exists due to collusion between the governments of Mexico, Guatemala and likely the United States.

You see, unlike the United States, Mexico actually defends their southern border…

In September 2010, the head administrator of the Mexican Superintendency of Tax Administration, Raul Diaz, told the Inter-Press Sevice (IPS) that his government was building a wall in the state of Chiapas, along the Mexican/Guatemalan border. The official reason given was to stop contraband from coming into Mexico, but as Diaz readily admitted: “It could also prevent the free passage of illegal immigrants.”

Furthermore, Article 33 of the Mexican Constitution states:

The President of the Republic shall have the power to expel from national territory any foreigner, according to the law and after a hearing. The law shall establish the administrative procedure for this purpose, as well as the place where the foreigner should be detained and the time for that. Foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country.

Of course, in the U.S. illegal aliens are not only free to stay without fear of deportation, but they now protest openly, regularly invading Congressional field offices to demand amnesty legislation, as well as actually physically blocking the entrances and exits of the Washington D.C. headquarters of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters in 2013.

Obviously, the American people are under daily assault from foreign invaders, bringing with them crime and disease, but the bigger threat is from government corruption, both foreign and domestic…governments that manufacture crises which threaten to “fundamentally transform” ours into a Third World nation in less than a generation.



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Israeli military steps up Gaza Strip airstrikes on second day of offensive

Israel’s military said Wednesday that it had struck around 200 sites linked to the Islamic militant group Hamas on the second day of an offensive aimed at stopping rocket attacks directed at key cities across Israel.

The army said sites that it attacked in Gaza Wednesday included 118 concealed rocket-launching sites, six Hamas compounds, 10 militant command centers, weapons storage facilities and 10 tunnels used for militant activity and to ferry supplies in from Egypt. The border between Gaza and Egypt has effectively been closed for months.

Militants, however, continued to fire rocket salvos deep into Israeli territory, and Israel mobilized thousands of forces along the Gaza border ahead of a possible ground operation.

Since the offensive began Tuesday, Israel has attacked more than 560 sites in Gaza, killing at least 41 people, according to The Associated Press. The strikes came after militants fired more than 160 rockets at Israel, including one that reached the northern Israeli city of Hadera for the first time. The city is about 60 miles from Gaza.

The Hadera explosion caused no injuries, the Israeli Army said, but it did mark the farthest distance a rocket has traveled from Gaza. With its new reach, Hamas’ rockets now have an estimated 5 million people — more than half of Israel’s population — in range.

“The army is ready for all possibilities,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after holding a meeting of his Security Cabinet. “Hamas will pay a heavy price for firing toward Israeli citizens. The security of Israel’s citizens comes first. The operation will expand and continue until the fire toward our towns stops and quiet returns.”

Israeli leaders warned a ground invasion could be imminent.

“Despite the fact it will be hard, complicated and costly, we will have to take over Gaza temporarily, for a few weeks, to cut off the strengthening of this terror army,” Yuval Steinitz, Israel’s intelligence minister, told Israel Radio. “If you ask my humble opinion, a significant operation like this is approaching.”

By early Wednesday, air raid sirens sounded in Tel Aviv and Israel’s south, and the army said two rockets were apparently intercepted above the central Israeli city by an anti-missile battery. In total, at least seven rockets were fired toward Israel on Wednesday, and the “Iron Dome” anti-missile system intercepted about half of them mid-air, the army said. There were no reported injuries.

The BBC reported that rockets fired from Gaza reached Jerusalem on Tuesday, but fell without causing injury.

Gaza health official Ashraf al-Qidra said at least 14 people were killed in Wednesday’s airstrikes, including two militants. An 80-year-old woman was among the dead. In all, 35 Palestinians have been killed.

Israel’s army said its targets included a senior member of the Islamic Jihad militant group. Islamic Jihad confirmed one of its members was killed, along with his mother and four siblings.

Israeli Army spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner told reporters that the military’s aim was to take a “substantial toll” on Hamas and to deplete its rocket capabilities. He said the army would gradually ramp up its strikes on Gaza.

“The organization is going to pay for its aggression. It is literally holding us hostage with its rockets,” Lerner said. “The country is not willing for this situation to continue.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that continued rocket attacks against Israeli territory would not be tolerated.

“I have ordered the military to significantly broaden its operation against Hamas terrorists and against the other terrorist groups inside Gaza,” Netanyahu said in a televised address. “I call on you to display patience because this operation could take time.”

Netanyahu’s government has authorized the Israeli Army to activate up to 40,000 reservists for a possible ground attack against Gaza. The army said that about 1,000 soldiers were immediately activated, in addition to an earlier group of 1,500 reservists called into action.

“If we need to go inside in a ground operation, then we will do it. These things are on the table. These options exist. We will not stop anything until the rocket firing ends,” said Yitzhak Aharonovitch, the minister for internal security and a member of Netanyahu’s inner Security Cabinet. Israel’s last ground offensive was in 2009.

Israel and Hamas agreed to an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire that ended the last round of fighting in late 2012.

But in Gaza, Abu Obeida, a masked spokesman for Hamas’ military wing, accused Israel of violating that agreement and demanded a halt to the airstrikes, its recent crackdown in the West Bank and its opposition to a Palestinian unity government that is backed by Hamas.

“In the face of this aggression, we affirm that the Zionist enemy should not dream of calm and stability,” he said. [What part of the aggression will stop when the rockets stop doesn't he understand] [TS]

Hamas is far weaker than in 2012. At the time, Egypt was governed by the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas’ close ally. Following a military coup in 2013, Egypt’s new government is hostile to Hamas and has closed a network of smuggling tunnels used by the group as an economic lifeline.

Hamas seized control of Gaza in 2007 from the rival forces of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. But facing international isolation and an economic crisis, Hamas last month agreed to back a new unity government with Abbas.

Abbas called on the international community and the United Nations to “provide international protection for our people.” He said in a televised statement late Tuesday that Hamas leaders in Gaza want to restore calm. [How about international protection for the people of Israel from the rocket attacks originating from the Gaza Strip???] [TS]

“I have been in contact with the regional and international parties in the last few days, particularly Hamas leaders in Gaza, and everyone I’ve talked to expressed his willingness to restore the truce and stop the escalation,” Abbas said. He called the Israeli offensive on Gaza an “orchestrated and brutal aggression.” [It is easy to say you have been in contact with Hamas and to say they are willing to restore the truce. The truce can be restored simply by not firing anymore rockets into Israel but that would be to simple wouldn't it] [TS]

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also condemned the multiple rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza and demanded an immediate halt to the attacks, U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said. Arab League Chief Nabil Elaraby called for an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council to stop the violence. [Perhaps the UN can send in their "Blue Helmets" to supervise the cessation of rocket launches. They would have to instruct the  "Blue Helmets" though to not indiscriminately rape the Palestinian women and young girls first though as that is their habit.] [TS] 


Tensions have been rising since the kidnapping on June 12 in the West Bank of three Israeli teenagers, who were found murdered. Israel accused Hamas of being behind the abductions, although it provided no proof.

Israel then launched a crackdown on the group’s members in the West Bank and arrested hundreds of people. Hamas, which controls Gaza, responded by stepping up rocket fire.

Hours after the teens’ funeral, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, a 16-year-old Palestinian teenager, was abducted and later found dead in a Jerusalem forest in what Palestinians say was a revenge killing. [Revenge for what? The brutal abduction and callous murder of (3) Israeli young men? While Israel has arrested the perpetrators involved in the death of the Palestinian youth and will prosecute them, the Palestinians are praising the murderers of the Israeli youth calling them Soldiers of God. So its ok to kill Israelis but it is wrong for Israelis to kill Palestinians.  Have they ever considered both acts are wrong? Doubtful!] [TS]


Source: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/07/09/israeli-military-says-palestinian-rocket-attacks-decline-on-second-day/?intcmp=latestnews

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It’s politics, not science, driving climate mania

The “science” of climate change has been and continues to be based on computer models and guessing. If this is true science, let’s base climate change on actual facts. But, actual facts get in the way of their political agenda.  EB

  • UN computer predictions subject of ridicule: not got it right for 18 years
  • Across the globe, there are about 1m sq km more sea ice than 35 years ago
  • Authorities are now guessing global temperatures based on nearby weather stations

For years, computer simulations have predicted that sea ice should be disappearing from the Poles. Now, with the news that Antarctic sea-ice levels have hit new highs, comes yet another mishap to tarnish the credibility of climate science. 

Climatologists base their doom-laden predictions of the Earth’s climate on computer simulations.

But these have long been the subject of ridicule because of their stunning failure to predict the pause in warming – nearly 18 years long on some measures – since the turn of the last century.

It’s the same with sea ice. We hear a great deal about the decline in Arctic sea ice, in line with or even ahead of predictions.

But why are environmentalists and scientists so much less  keen to discuss the long-term increase in the southern hemisphere?

In fact, across the globe, there are about one million square kilometres more sea ice than 35 years ago, which is when satellite measurements began.


It’s fair to say that this has been something of an embarrassment for climate modellers. But it doesn’t stop there. 

In recent days a new scandal over the integrity of temperature data has emerged, this time in America, where it has been revealed as much as 40 per cent  of temperature data there are not real thermometer readings.

Many temperature stations have closed, but rather than stop recording data from these posts, the authorities have taken the remarkable step of ‘estimating’ temperatures based on the records of surrounding stations. 

So vast swathes of the data are actually from ‘zombie’ stations that have long since disappeared.  This is bad enough, but it has also been discovered that the  US’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is using estimates even when perfectly good raw data is available to it – and that it has adjusted historical records.

Why should it do this? Many have noted that the effect of all these changes is to produce a warmer present and a colder past, with the net result being  the impression of much faster warming.

They draw their conclusions accordingly.

Naturally, if the US temperature records are indeed found to have been manipulated, this is unlikely to greatly affect our overall picture of rising temperatures at the end of the last century and  a standstill thereafter.

The US is, after all, only a  small proportion of the globe. 

Similarly, climatologists’ difficulties with the sea ice may be of little scientific significance in the greater scheme of things.

We have only a few decades of data, and in climate terms this is probably too short to demonstrate that either the Antarctic increase or the Arctic decrease is anything other than natural variability. 

But the relentless focus by activist scientists on the Arctic decline does suggest a political imperative rather than a scientific one – and when put together with the story of the US temperature records, it’s hard to avoid the impression that what the public is being told is less than the unvarnished truth. 

As their credulity is stretched more and more, the public will – quite rightly – treat demands for action with increasing caution…
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2681812/Its-politics-not-science-driving-climate-change-mania-UN-predictions-subject-ridicule-stunning-failure.html#ixzz36yjb6bL9 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


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Israel Prepares For Possible Ground War To Stop Hamas

Editors Note: The unrest in the entire Middle East is a direct result of Obama’s failed foreign policy. By refusing to make decisions that could have stopped this unrest at the beginning, every death that has resulted lays directly at Obama’s feet. Israel is being besieged by rockets fired from Gaza and what does out inept President do? He writes a Op Ed that was published in an Israeli newspaper Haaretz praising Palestinian President  Mahmoud Abbas without mentioning  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu very much at all. The direct shunning of Netanyahu was designed to minimize the Prime Minister  and to elevate the leader of the terrorist organization Hamas. Once again the President of the United States is siding with the Terrorists over our Allie Israel. Becaus of the ongoing rocket attacks and ground intrusions the Prime Minister has called up 40,000 Israeli reservists and vowed to end Hamas’s control in the Gaza Strip. [TS]

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed his military commanders to be fully prepared for a ground operation into the Gaza, the strip of territory controlled by Muslim Brotherhood affiliated terrorist group Hamas.

 A senior Israeli official said of his meeting with Netanyahu: “The prime minister’s instruction by the end of the meeting was to prepare for a thorough, long, continuous and strong campaign in Gaza. The prime minister instructed the army to be ready to go all in. A ground offensive is on the table.”

 Early Tuesday, Israel struck Gaza from the air, hitting more than 50 targets in the military offensive dubbed “Operation Protective Edge.” Israel has now hit over 150 targets in Gaza, according to the Israel Defense Force’s Twitter feed.

Operation Protective Edge

Hamas jihadis fired more than 85 rockets into Israel Monday, and continued its rocket barrage into Tuesday.

The Israeli cabinet said it plans to call up an additional 40,000 army reserves as the violence in the South of the country has continued to escalate. Late Monday, 1,500 reservists were called up to support the mission.

Israeli security officials have calculated that Hamas may be willing to use their supply of advanced weaponry in order to target Tel Aviv, the modern city that is said to be the technological and entrepreneurial capital of the Middle East, located roughly 50 miles from Gaza.

Hamas’ most dangerous weapon in its arsenal is the Iranian-made Fajr-5 missiles, capable of striking Tel Aviv. In 2012, during Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense, Hamas unloaded some of its Fajr-5’s towards Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Most security experts concur that the Fajr-5 has been smuggled into Gaza and the West Bank by the Iranian government.

At 4pm local time Tuesday, Tel Aviv began opening its bomb shelters in anticipation for forthcoming rocket attacks from Gaza.

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2014/07/08/Israel-Prepares-For-Possible-Ground-War-To-Stop-Hamas

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Active 4-Star General: Obama’s Border Crisis Threatens America’s Existence

The border has been a sieve for many years. After 911, one would think that closing the border down would be a no brainer. Not knowing who is sneaking into the country is a huge security risk to this country. Now, it has become a true crisis……EB

The ongoing border crisis is much more than just a flood of illegal immigrants searching for amnesty and a better life.  It is a crisis that is threatening America’s national security, and even it’s very existence as we know it, as deadly diseases, drugs, weapons, even terrorists are being smuggled into the country, with doctors and agents being threatened to stay silent about it.

While Border Patrol and Customs agents are being overwhelmed by the thousands of unaccompanied children coming across the border, criminals and cartels are having a field day, moving back and forth across the border to smuggle things in and out of the country, sometimes with the assistance of corrupt Mexican military units.

Texas has increased it’s law enforcement personnel on the border, and numerous militia units are working together to fill in the gaps where they can to secure the border.  But the cries are ringing out for armed soldiers, either National Guard or regular military, to defend the border against the “invasion”.

Now an active-duty, 4-star Marine General and US Southern Command Commander John Kelly is speaking out about the dangers of the ongoing crisis at the border, and his warnings are dire, saying the crisis could very well threaten America’s existence. (H/T WND)

Particularly in regards to the drug trade, murder rates and terrorist activity brewing in Central America, Kelly says, the waves of Latin Americans sweeping through Mexico and illegally into Texas presents a threat to the U.S. every bit as serious as Iran or North Korea.

“In comparison to other global threats, the near collapse of societies in [this] hemisphere with the associated drug and [illegal immigrant] flow are frequently viewed to be of low importance,” Kelly said in an interview with Defense One. “Many argue these threats are not existential and do not challenge our national security. I disagree.”

Kelly has been warning about this threat before, during testimony before both the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, complaining that budget cuts have tied the hands of his Command, forcing him to watch as criminal activity goes unchecked.

“Last year, we had to cancel more than 200 very effective engagement activities and numerous multilateral exercises,” Kelly said, explaining that a full 74 percent of “actionable illicit trafficking events” simply go unanswered, because he doesn’t have the funds or resources to do anything about it.

“I simply sit and watch it go by,” he continued. “And because of service cuts, I don’t expect to get any immediate relief, in terms of assets, to work with in this region of the world.”

Worse yet, he continued, with smuggling routes wide open for business, it’s far more than cocaine or children seeking a better life getting a free pass across the border.

“Clearly, criminal networks can move just about anything on these smuggling pipelines,” Kelly said in testimony before the House Armed Services Committee in February. “Terrorist organizations could seek to leverage those same smuggling routes to move operatives with intent to cause grave harm to our citizens or even quite easily bring weapons of mass destruction into the United States.”

“Supporters and sympathizers of Lebanese Hezbollah are involved in both licit and illicit activities in the region,” Kelly told Congress. “Members, supporters, and adherents of Islamic extremist groups are present in Latin America. Islamic extremists visit the region to proselytize, recruit, establish business venues to generate funds, and expand their radical networks. Some Muslim communities in the Caribbean and South America are exhibiting increasingly extremist ideology and activities, mostly as a result from ideologues’ activities and external influence from the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Mr. Chairman, we take all these activities seriously.”

Kelly also points out that the bulk of immigrants in this flood are coming from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, three of the most dangerous and deadly countries in central America.  Known as the “Northern Triangle”, these three countries are all near the top of the list in criminal and gang activity, with high rates of murder and drug smuggling.

“Chairman, gone are the days of the ‘cocaine cowboys,’” Kelly testified. “Instead, we and our partners are confronted with cocaine corporations that have franchises all over the world, including 1,200 American cities, as well as criminal enterprises like the violent transnational gang Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, that specialize in extortion and human trafficking.

“The FBI has warned that MS-13 has a significant presence in California, North Carolina, New York, and northern Virginia, and is expanding into new areas of the United States, including Indian reservations in South Dakota,” he concluded.

Roger Noriega, an American Enterprise Institute Fellow and former official in George W. Bush’s administration, knows all about how dangerous MS-13 can be.

“There’s going to be a time when MS-13 fires an RPG into an Alexandria [Va.] police car, and [Americans] are going to say, ‘What the hell happened?’” Noriega said.

General Kelly says that now more than ever our nation needs to deploy the military to our porous southern border, to protect against far worse threats than mere illegal immigration.

“Some of my counterparts perceive that the United States is disengaging from the region and from the world in general,” Kelly said. “We should remember that our friends and allies are not the only ones watching our actions closely. … And in the meantime, drug traffickers, criminal networks, and other actors, unburdened by budget cuts, cancelled activities, and employee furloughs, will have the opportunity to exploit the partnership vacuum left by reduced U.S. military engagement.”

Thank God this General is speaking out.  We desperately need to deploy the military to our southern border, ASAP.  A crisis involving illegal immigrants, and even infectious diseases they may be carrying, can be handled to a certain extent without disrupting or causing too much damage to the country.

But we cannot sit idly by while criminal cartels and terrorist organizations work to exploit our undefended border.  They can and will bring death and destruction to our country.  And when that happens, the blood of the innocent will be awash in the Oval Office, unless President Obama moves now to fully secure the border and stop this existential threat in it’s tracks.


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DOJ Files Lawsuit Against North Carolina’s ‘Discriminatory’ Voter ID Law

Editors Note: Once again the Justice Dept. under Attorney General Eric Holder is wasting precious time on voter ID laws. This is a subject democrats have always opposed because it would limit their base from unlawfully casting illegal votes. You need a ID for just about anything these days and most require a photo ID, you can get a photo ID in any state from the DMV. It is just an excuse to allow the typical dead voter to vote and get away with it a trick that Chicago democrats have used for years. Perhaps it would serve the country better if Mr. Holder spent his time investigating the many scandles that are plaguing the WH. Of course that would entail investigating the Obama Administration and the WH itself. You can’t expect much though from an Attorney General who himself was found in Contempt of Congress over the Fast and Furious debacle. TS

Are voter ID laws inherently racist? Do they curtail voting rights? Those are questions a North Carolina judge will ultimately determine sometime next July.

To recap, the North Carolina state legislature passed a law in 2013 that, among other things, abolished same-day voter registration and instituted a voter ID provision. Naturally, it has been pilloried by both civil rights groups and activists as discriminatory.

Such provisions limit access to the right to vote, they argue, and therefore must be struck down to preserve the integrity of elections held in the state:


A North Carolina law passed last year that requires voters to present photo identification and eliminates same-day voter registration has been called one of the farthest-reaching overhauls to election rules in the country. Now a judge will decide whether it will stay that way. 

Lawyers from the U.S. Department of Justice, the North Carolina NAACP, the League of Women Voters and the American Civil Liberties Union will argue the case against state lawyers over the law in U.S. District Court in Winston-Salem on Monday. U.S. attorneys and civil rights groups are asking a judge for a preliminary injunction to temporarily delay implementation of parts of the law. The hearing is a prelude to a trial scheduled for July 2015 where a judge will determine whether to uphold or strike down the law.

Civil rights advocates argue North Carolina has a long history of implementing measures — like poll taxes and tests — to hinder African-Americans, the poor and the elderly from voting. Opponents of the law say it will hurt hundreds of thousands of people who want to vote.

“This is a full assault on the franchise of voting,” said state NAACP President Rev. William Barber.

The judge in the preliminary injunction case Monday will not rule on whether to uphold or strike down the whole law with the voter ID mandate. Instead, he will decide what, if any, specific parts should be delayed until a final decision on the law is made in 2015.


On Monday, the Washington Post reported that Attorney General Eric Holder explicitly said that the Department of Justice was filing the lawsuit because the new law will make it harder for African-Americans to exercise their right to vote:


“The state legislature took extremely aggressive steps to curtail the voting rights of African-Americans,” U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said at a press conference announcing the lawsuit Monday. “This is an intentional step to break a system that was working and it defies common sense.” 

The threat of voter suppression, both real and imagined, is embedded in the hearts of many North Carolinians. The Tar Heel State didn’t abolish the poll tax until 1920, and literacy tests existed in some form or another until at least 1970, the Guardian reports. Nonetheless, Republicans in the state (including Governor Pat McCrory) maintain that voter ID laws are “common sense” and necessary — a point, incidentally, he made the very same day he signed the legislation into law:




“You need a photo ID to board an airplane, to cash a check, or even apply for most government benefits. In fact, just recently both Democrats and Republicans joined together to require a valid, government photo ID to buy Sudafed at your local corner drug store. Our right to vote deserves similar protection. In fact, for voters who may not even have a photo ID, they can get one at no charge, at a nearby DMV office throughout the state.”


The argument, then, is if one needs a photo ID to purchase a drug as common as Sudafed, shouldn’t one also need a photo ID to cast a ballot? At any rate, the law won’t be fully implemented until the 2016 presidential election — but it’s fair to say that the legal challenges are already starting to pile up.

Source: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/danieldoherty/2014/07/07/doj-were-filing-a-lawsuit-against-north-carolinas-voter-id-law-n1859654

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Rare Western bird known for mating dance could decide who controls Senate in Nov.


Editors Note: What on the surface appears to be political controversy is in fact another attempt by the radical environmentalists and the Obama Administrations attempt to close off more land for energy exploration and development. The hunting and ranching are just mere side notes and a bonus if this legislation were to be passed or mandated by a Presidential Executive Order. Obama and his administration along with the radical environmentalists are well know enemies of  Petrochemical exploration and development and will stop at nothing to prevent America from becoming energy independent. Obama’s attacks on the coal industry have been much publicized and his aim is to totally stop coal production and use to further his agenda  on Global Warming and Climate Change. It is also a payback to the environmentalists who have supported him.

In a previous post I gave information on the vast Oil and Natural Gas Reserves especially located in the western states. See http://rebuildingfreedom.org/2014/07/04/americas-untapped-oil-reserves/ As you can see by reading the report America is literally awash in energy reserves and by the Obama Administration making another 165 million acres off limits to both exploration and development their goal of renewable energy would get a huge boost. Those of you in those states have a chance in the midterm to remove those politicians who would side with Obama and the radical environmentalists to starve America of oil and drive gas prices up even further to intolerable levels.

Do not let yourself be fooled by the smoke and mirrors of the Obama Administration and the Liberal Media. This whole agenda is designed to take America off of oil usage and switch to the yet proven alternative energy. Let Obama and his followers know through your votes that America needs to use our own energy reserves and tell OPEC to sell their oil to someone else. TS


DENVER –  An obscure, chicken-sized bird best known for its mating dance could help determine whether Democrats or Republicans control the U.S. Senate in November.

The federal government is considering listing the greater sage grouse as an endangered species next year. Doing so could limit development, energy exploration, hunting and ranching on the 165 million acres of the bird’s habitat across 11 Western states.

Apart from the potential economic disruption, which some officials in Western states discuss in tones usually reserved for natural disasters, the specter of the bird’s listing is reviving the centuries-old debates about local vs. federal control and whether to develop or conserve the region’s vast expanses of land.

Two Republican congressmen running for the U.S. Senate in Montana and Colorado, Steve Daines and Cory Gardner, are co-sponsoring legislation that would prevent the federal government from listing the bird for a decade as long as states try to protect it.

“Montanans want locally driven solutions,” Daines said in an interview. “They don’t want bureaucrats thousands of miles away in Washington, D.C., dictating what should happen.”

Environmentalists and the two Democratic senators being challenged, John Walsh in Montana and Mark Udall in Colorado, oppose the idea. They say they don’t want a listing, either, but that the threat of one is needed to push states to protect the bird.

“A bill like what some in the House are proposing that would delay listing the bird would actually undermine locally driven efforts,” said Udall spokesman Mike Saccone.

The greater sage grouse is described in the journals of explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, and it once roamed widely across the massive sagebrush plateaus of the West’s interior.

The bird is perhaps best known for its unusual springtime mating dance, during which it puffs its bulbous chest and emits odd warbles. But livestock grazing eroded the bristly plant that the bird depends upon, development chopped up its habitat and energy exploration erected towers that chased it away from its home range.

Rachel Carson warned in 1962 of the bird’s possible demise in “Silent Spring,” her classic environmental book.

Three environmental groups sued to force the federal government to protect the bird after the government declined to list it as endangered in 2005. In a 2010 settlement, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agreed to decide on listing by September 2015.

A major factor will be whether the federal, state and local landowners whose land it inhabits protect the grouse. Many environmental groups say the bird is a stand-in for a vanishing Western ecosystem that needs preserving.

“This is the great landscape of America, when you travel west and see open spaces. This is all the stuff you grew up watching on television,” said Randi Spivak of the Center for Biological Diversity [Link added by TS] in Tucson, Arizona, one of the groups that sued to force grouse protection. “And that land has been drilled, subdivided.”

Industry groups and state governments worry about the cost.

A study by the Western Energy Alliance, a Denver-based trade organization of independent oil and gas producers, estimates that from 5,000 to 31,000 jobs could be lost should the federal government take steps to protect the grouse.

Kathleen Sgamma, the group’s vice president of government and public affairs, said that as the federal government starts to draw up protections, energy leases are being deferred, drilling projects shut down and bureaucratic hurdles raised to any kind of development in the bird’s range.

“It’s another issue that’s slowing economic growth and job development in the West,” Sgamma said.

Local officials are alarmed, too.

Udall and other Colorado lawmakers pushed for the Obama administration to delay a decision on a far less prevalent species, the Gunnison sage grouse, until after the November elections. Federal land managers have already declared more than 400,000 acres off-limits to development to protect that bird. The Western Governors Association last month urged the federal government to defer to states on protecting the bird.

The administration announced last month that it would spend $32 million over 10 years helping ranchers in Nevada and California preserve the bird’s habitat.

Industry leaders and environmental groups agree that the grouse can be protected without serious economic damage. Some point to Wyoming, the state with the greatest amount of both energy exploration and grouse, which has put in place a plan to conserve the bird’s core habitat.

“It’s based on sound science and helps us advance meaningful conservation of the species,” said Jerimiah Rieman, energy and natural resources policy director for Gov. Matt Mead, R-Wyo.

Gardner, the Republican congressman from Colorado, and others opposed to a listing point to Wyoming as an example of why states should take the lead. “The states are working right now very diligently,” Gardner said. “Once you list it, there’s sort of a wall that comes down between people.”

But environmentalists say the proposal amounts to a needless delay. Even Democrats who argue the federal government should defer to states don’t support the Republican legislation.

Gov. John Hickenlooper, D-Colo., has warned against listing the bird and led a task force of Western governors who are trying to deal with the issue. A spokesman said Hickenlooper doesn’t support the legislation because it lacks adequate bipartisan support.

Brian Rutledge, vice president of the Audubon Society’s Rocky Mountain Region, said no one wants the bird to be listed but that the Endangered Species Act is working as intended in this case, to push local agencies to do conservation.

He was dismissive of the Republican proposal. “A lot of this,” he said, “is just pandering.”

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/07/05/rare-western-bird-known-for-mating-dance-could-decide-who-controls-senate-in/

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WH: Obama Won’t Visit Border While Attending Three TX Fundraisers Next Week

This president is so out of touch with the people as a whole. He has created this mess at the border. I believe this crisis was deliberate. For him to not go to the border and the detention centers is just another example of how out of touch he is.  He created this mess through his unlawful policies….he should go see the results of the madness he created.   EB


President Barack Obama will attend three fundraisers in Texas next week but will not travel to the border to see the crisis that many say he has exacerbated by not enforcing the country’s immigration laws and vowing to enact unilaterally more executive actions to ease deportations.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said at Thursday’s White House press briefing that Obama is scheduled to attend a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Dallas on Wednesday and two events for the Democratic National Committee in Austin on Wednesday and Thursday.

When pressed about Obama’s decision not to go to the border and the military bases and detention centers where illegal immigrant children are being warehoused, Earnest said Obama has all the information that he needs from his senior advisors.

“I defend that by describing to you that there are a whole range of senior officials in this administration over the course of the last three or four weeks who have spent a lot of time in the southwest border,” he said.

Earnest said that “senior officials” from FEMA and officials like Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Cecilia Munoz, the White House’s Domestic Policy Director, “in the last several weeks have spent a lot of time visiting the border to assess the conditions there.”

“The President has a very good sense of what’s happening on the border,” Earnest said. “He’s getting regular updates from his officials who have traveled to that region.”

Earnest said Obama wants “regular reports about what they’re seeing on the border and how resources that are being devoted to processing those who have appeared at the border are being used to effectively administrate justice” and is “well aware of that process and how it’s going.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry recently urged Obama to travel to the border. And at a House Homeland Security Committee Field Hearing at McAllen, Texas on Thursday, Perry also said Obama should use diplomacy to convince Mexico to secure its southern border with Guatemala — if Obama cared about the issue.

After Obama, by executive fiat, enacted his temporary amnesty program for some illegal immigrant children, the number of children crossing the border from Central America has increased. At least 50,000 have entered the country illegally since October of last year, and Perry said at least 160,000 more are expected to try next year. Obama’s critics — like former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — have accused him of exploiting the illegal immigrant children to push his political agenda.



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Americas Untapped Oil Reserves


Next time you have to fill up at $3.49/gallon, think of this!!
As you may know, Cruz Construction started a division in North Dakota just 6 months ago.  They send every Kenworth (9 trucks) we had here in Alaska to North Dakota and several drivers.  They just bought two new Kenworth’s to add to that fleet; one being a Tri Drive tractor and a new 65 ton lowboy to go with it.  They also bought two new cranes (one crawler & one rubber tired) for that division.
Dave Cruz said they have moved more rigs in the last 6 months in ND than Cruz Construction moved in Alaska in the last 6 years.
Williston is like a gold rush town; they moved one of our 40 man camps down there since there are no rooms available.
Unemployment in ND is the lowest in the nation at 3.4 percent last I checked.
See anything in the national news about how the oil industry is fueling North Dakota ‘s economy?
Here’s an astonishing read. Important and verifiable information:
About 6 months ago, the writer was watching a news program on oil and one of the Forbes Bros. was the guest.
The Bakken is the largest domestic oil discovery since Alaska ‘s Prudhoe Bay , and has the potential to eliminate all American dependence on foreign oil.  The Energy Information Administration sm(EIA) estimates it at 503 billion barrels.  Even if just 10% of the oil is recoverable( 5 billion barrels), at $107 a barrel, we’re looking at a resource base worth more than $5.3 trillion.
“When I first briefed legislators on this, you could practically see their jaws hit the floor.
 They had no idea..” says Terry Johnson, the Montana Legislature’s financial analyst.
However, a recent technological breakthrough has opened up the Bakken’s massive reserves, and we now have access of up to 500 billion barrels.  And because this is light, sweet oil, those billions of barrels will cost Americans just $16   PER BARREL !!!!!!
That’s enough crude to fully fuel the American economy for 2041 years straight.
U.. S. Oil Discovery – Largest Reserve in the World
Stansberry Report Online – 4/20/2006
Hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains lies the largest untapped oil reserve in the world.
It is more than 2 TRILLION barrels.  On August 8, 2005 President Bush mandated its extraction.
In three and a half years of high oil prices none has been extracted.
With this motherload of oil why are we still fighting over off-shore drilling?
They reported this stunning news:  We have more oil inside our borders, than all the other proven reserves on earth.
Here are the official estimates:
8 times as much oil as Saudi Arabia
18 times as much oil as Iraq
21 times as much oil as Kuwait
22 times as much oil as Iran
500 times as much oil as Yemen and it’s all right here in Western U.S. !
HOW can we NOT BE extracting this?  Because the environmentalists and others have blocked all efforts to help America become independent of foreign oil! Again, we are letting a small group of people dictate our lives and our economy.  WHY?
James Bartis, lead researcher with the study says we’ve got more oil in this very compact area than the entire Middle East, more than 2 TRILLION barrels untapped.  That’s more than all the proven oil reserves of crude oil in the world today , reports The Denver Post.
Don’t think ‘OPEC’ will drop its price even with this find?  Think again! It’s all about the competitive marketplace, it has to.
OPEC is funding the environmentalists!!!
By the way, this can be verified.  Check it out at the link below !!!!!!
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Obama’s Scandal Playbook

Despite President Obama’s promise of an “unprecedented level of openness in government,” the American people have unfortunately become accustomed to a new normal over the past six years: incompetence, scandal, and misconduct. When news breaks about freshly exposed corruption, the reaction of far too many is, “Unbelievable, but I’m not surprised.”

Since Obama took office in 2009, we’ve witnessed Operation Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Department of Justice spying on reporters and their families, IRS targeting of conservatives, the HealthCare.gov debacle, the GSA conference scandal, Solyndra, veterans dying as a result of secret wait lists within the Department of Veterans Affairs, and many, many more.


As a result of Fast and Furious, hundreds of Mexican citizens and U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry are dead. Benghazi left four Americans, U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, and Information Officer Sean Smith, dead. And at the VA, at least 40 veterans have died waiting for medical care.


Obama’s White House has not weathered these storms through luck alone. They have a well-thought-out, well-used playbook designed to lie to the American people, protect administration officials, and to avoid accountability or criminal prosecution.


Step 1: Play Dumb


The president and his political appointees knew nothing about what happened while it was happening and only learned about (insert scandal here) for the first time in the newspaper or on cable television. The president is mad as hell if the allegations are true and promises to hold someone accountable.


“I heard on the news about this story,” Obama told CNN in March 2011, “that— Fast and Furious, where allegedly guns were being run into Mexico, and ATF knew about it, but didn’t apprehend those who had sent [the guns].”


Step 2: Investigate Yourself


The president is deeply angry about the misconduct/incompetence demonstrated in (insert scandal here) and he will work hard to investigate what happened and hold those responsible accountable.


“The inspector general at the VA has launched investigations into the Phoenix VA and other facilities,” Obama announced in May, “I know that people are angry and want a swift reckoning. I sympathize with that. But we have to let the investigators do their job and get to the bottom of what happened. Our veterans deserve to know the facts. Their families deserve to know the facts. And once we know the facts, I assure you—if there is misconduct, it will be punished.”


Step 3: Blame Two-Bit Bureaucrats


The president is in no way responsible or in any way connected to those responsible for (insert scandal here). The culpable parties are just low-level employees in a small office far, far away from the White House and nobody in Washington knew anything about what happened. The federal government is really big and Obama can’t be expected to be held accountable for everything that goes wrong.


“Well, look, it’s an interesting case study, right, because if you look at the Inspector General’s report, apparently some folks down in the, bureaucracy, ya know—we have a large government—took it upon themselves to shorthand these applications for tax exempt status in a way that, as I said, was idiotic,” David Axelrod, former-senior adviser to the president, told MSNBC about the IRS scandal. “Part of being president is, there is so much beneath you that you can’t know, because the government is so vast.”


Step 4: Attack the Investigation


The president is trying really hard to work with Congress to get to the bottom of (insert scandal here). But those evil Republicans in Congress are not interested in good governance or the truth. We can’t possibly comply with their subpoenas.


When the House Energy and Commerce Committee subpoenaed the White House for documents relating to the al- most $400 million in taxpayer money lost on Solyndra, White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler refused, writing, “The committee’s extremely broad request for documents—now a subpoena— is a significant intrusion on executive branch interests.” Ruemmler added that the investigation “was driven more by partisan politics than a legitimate effort to conduct a responsible investigation.”


Step 5: Pretend the Scandal Never Existed


The president is trying to move on and do the business of the American people, but these pesky Republicans keep focusing on a fake scandal that is now old news.


“Dude, this was like two years ago,” former-White House National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor told Fox News’ Bret Baier when pressed to explain his involvement in the Benghazi cover-up. “We’re talking about the process of editing talking points. That’s what bureaucrats do all day long.”


Obama has used this playbook with ruthless precision. As time goes by, the scandals go away. Nobody is fired and questions remain unanswered.


Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” may have inspired a generation of progressives, but Obama and his administration have clearly added a chapter of their own. •

Source: Source: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2014/07/04/obamas-scandal-playbook-n1857416

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Officials: ISIS Terrorists May Target Europe and US Homeland, Threat ‘Extremely High’

With the partisan blame game over the current meltdown in Iraq consuming much of the media’s attention, NBC News’ chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel is reporting on the increased terrorism threat Americans face from ISIS radicals as they establish a stronghold in the crisis-stricken country. Engel — who was kidnapped and released in Syria in 2012 — tweeted a series of disquieting assessments from US national security sources (via Noah Rothman):

Multiple US intelligence officials tell NBC News that the current terror threat against US targets from #ISIS is “extremely high”

— Richard Engel (@RichardEngel) June 30, 2014

Engel’s sources say that roughly 70 American nationals have taken up arms with ISIS in the region over the course of the violent unrest, with about a dozen “currently active:”


Americans in #isis. US officials say about seventy US fighters have passed through Syria and about a dozen are currently active there.

— Richard Engel (@RichardEngel) June 30, 2014



McClatchy reported last week that thousands of Europeans have joined the jihad in Syria, and now Iraq — worrying counter-terrorism officials, who call the ‘tourism terrorism’ numbers “unprecedented:”


At least 320 Germans and more than 2,000 other Europeans are thought to have made the trip — so many that last week Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erodgan asked European nations to stop their citizens wanting to join the fight in Syria and now Iraq from traveling to Turkey…European Union Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove this month noted that the phenomenon of young Muslims leaving Europe to fight elsewhere is decades old. But the current numbers dwarf previous migrations. He described the current flow as “huge.” “Compared to previous jihads, it’s unprecedented,” he said. The trend is openly discussed in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Italy. Europe has long needed immigrant labor, but it has done little to integrate those who come from Muslim regions–North Africa, Pakistan and the Middle East. Their children often grow up without close ties to their adopted nations and end up finding a sense of community online and in the radical splinters of Islam set up to prey upon the lost.

The concern is obvious: Radical Muslims traveling to the Middle East to join the fight, becoming battle-hardened while procuring lethal expertise, then returning to their adoptive countries to carry out attacks against Western targets. Engel’s sources confirm that’s exactly what they fear, noting that a notorious Al Qaeda bomb-maker is offering his tutelage to ISIS radicals, who are developing skills in the creation of sophisticated improvised explosive devices:


US officials say #ISIS developing bomb making skills and foreign fighters that would enable it to target US, UK and Europe interests.

— Richard Engel (@RichardEngel) June 30, 2014



#isis has access to top bomb maker? Isis reportedly working with AQAP’s Ibrahim al Asiri to develop advanced IEDs.

— Richard Engel (@RichardEngel) June 30, 2014


These warnings should serve as timely reminders that foreign policy debates are not academic. Developments in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere aren’t simply relegated to “over there.” Throwing up our hands and demanding that “they” — whomever that may be — just “sort it out themselves” is a seductive but dangerous mindset. Regardless of one’s thoughts of the decision to invade Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein, that country has deteriorated from relative stability (upon our recklessly executed departure) to all-out crisis today. Afghanistan became a safe haven for hardcore Islamist terrorists to launch attacks against the West, which led to the horror of 9/11. If a similar foothold is established in Iraq, that’s a bona fide national security threat. Nearly as devastating, it would represent the erasure of the massive gains achieved by our men and women in that country, which came at a terrible price. I’ll leave you with this graphic CNN report about the brutal violence gripping Iraq as ISIS terrorists declare the creation of a “caliphate” stretching across large swaths of Syria and Iraq:

Source: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2014/07/01/nbc-foreign-correspondent-officials-fear-isis-threat-to-us-extremely-high-n1857467



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Supreme Court Birth Control Ruling Opens Door to More Challenges

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. can refuse to cover some contraceptives for its workers opens the door for other closely-held companies to deny health benefits for their own employees, experts said.

More lawsuits may follow, as companies whose shares aren’t publicly traded use the court’s 5-4 decision to challenge federal requirements under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or other laws, such as the Civil Rights Act. Publicly traded companies, which have diverse shareholders and can’t plausibly claim to adopt the personal views of their owners, aren’t affected, the court said.

The Supreme Court’s decision undermines a long-standing principle that corporations are separate entities from their owners, said Aaron Katz, a partner at Ropes & Gray in Boston. For workers at closely held companies, the ruling may mean that some health insurance benefits besides contraception would be covered at the whim of their bosses, said Sara Rosenbaum, a professor of health policy at George Washington University, although the justices said that isn’t their intent.

“There’s nothing about contraceptives other than personal opinion, personal moral belief, that distinguishes them from other guaranteed health benefits around which people may have personal moral beliefs,” Rosenbaum said in a phone interview before the decision.

“Why couldn’t a company’s owner say they’re morally opposed to treating patients with HIV? Morally opposed to blood transfusions? To immunizations?” she said.

Hobby Lobby

The suit was brought by Hobby Lobby, a nationwide chain of 600 craft stores with at least 15,000 full-time employees based in Oklahoma City, and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp., an East Earl, Pennsylvania-based company owned by a Mennonite family. They sued the Obama administration over a requirement under the Affordable Care Act that company health plans cover all U.S.- approved contraceptive drugs and devices without requiring cost- sharing by workers.

While both companies’ employee health plans do cover most contraceptives, they exclude two drugs that the companies’ owners believe cause abortions, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.’s Plan B One-Step and Actavis Plc’s Ella, and some intrauterine devices.

Justice Samuel Alito, in an opinion for the majority of the court, said that the government’s requirements to cover birth control violate a 1993 law, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The court ruled that the law applies to corporations as well as individual citizens.

“This decision concerns only the contraceptive mandate and should not be understood to hold that all insurance-coverage mandates, e.g., for vaccinations or blood transfusions, must necessarily fall if they conflict with an employer’s religious beliefs,” wrote Alito. “Nor does it provide a shield for employers who might cloak illegal discrimination as a religious practice.”

Despite those limits, other corporations may try to test the boundaries, either by denying benefits and services to their workers or customers and inviting a lawsuit, or more likely seeking further court decisions allowing them leeway, Ropes & Gray’s Katz said.

Source: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/supreme-court-birth-control/2014/06/30/id/580005/

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Senator: More than 1,000 veterans may have died as a result of VA misconduct

CoburnWASHINGTON — Over the past decade, more than 1,000 veterans may have died as a result of misconduct by employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs, according to a report released Tuesday by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.

“Too many men and women who bravely fought for our freedom are losing their lives, not at the hands of terrorists or enemy combatants, but from friendly fire in the form of medical malpractice and neglect by the Department of Veterans Affairs,” Coburn said in a letter addressed to taxpayers, which was attached to the report.

In a press release, Coburn said the scandal surrounding secret waiting lists and delays in patient care at VA facilities is “just the tip of the iceberg.”

The findings in the report, titled “Friendly Fire: Death, Delay, and Dismay at the VA”, are based on a yearlong investigation of VA hospitals around the country conducted by Coburn’s office, according to a press release and one of Coburn’s aides.

Some of the report’s most disturbing allegations include:

  • The federal government has paid out $845 million for VA medical malpractice since 2001.
  • Criminal activity at the department is “all too common,” including cases of drug dealing, theft and even murder.
  • Whistleblowers, health care providers, veterans and their families are subjected to bullying, sexual harassment, abuse, and neglect. Examples include: female patients received unnecessary pelvic and breast exams from a sex offender; a noose was left on the desk of a minority employee by a coworker; and a nurse who murdered a veteran with a morphine overdose harassed the family of the deceased and pressured them to admit guilt for the death.
  • Some VA health care providers have lost their medical licenses, and the VA is hiding this information from their patients.
  • The report also paints a picture of a department plagued by mismanagement, waste, and poor patient care. According to the report:
  • Patients experience significant delays when it comes to doctor’s appointments, disability claims, and urgent care.
  • Many VA doctors and staff are overpaid and underworked, some employees are not showing up for work, and some are even paid not to work.
  • VA doctors are seeing far fewer patients than private doctors, and some leave work early.
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars intended for health care have gone unspent each year.
  • Bad employees are rewarded with bonuses and paid leave, while good employees who try to bring attention to problems or errors are punished, bullied, put on “bad boy” lists, or transferred to other locations.

The report identifies $20 billion in waste and mismanagement that the authors say could have been better spent providing health care to veterans. Most disturbingly, it alleges that poor patient care and mismanagement at the hands of the VA may have led to the deaths of more than 1,000 veterans.

Coburn partly blames Congress for some of the problems identified in the report.

“The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee largely ignored the warnings about delays and dysfunction at the VA for decades, abdicating its oversight responsibilities and choosing to make new promises to veterans rather than making sure those promises already made were being kept,” Coburn said in a press release.

The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee has only held two oversight hearings over the past four years, according to Coburn. Coburn is not a member of the committee.

Source: http://www.stripes.com/news/veterans/senator-more-than-1-000-veterans-may-have-died-as-a-result-of-va-misconduct-1.290420

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Supreme Court Strikes Down First Phase Of EPA’s Global Warming Agenda

People line up in the rain outside of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington April 29, 2014. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

The Supreme Court struck down the Environmental Protection Agency’s carbon dioxide permitting scheme for power plants and other large facilities, saying the agency exceeded its authority under the Clean Air Act.

The EPA has been requiring facilities emitting more than 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year to get permits. The agency, however, had to “tailor” the rule to accommodate regulating carbon dioxide emitting facilities under the Clean Air Act.

“We hold that EPA exceeded its statutory authority when it interpreted the Clean Air Act to require… permitting for stationary sources based on their greenhouse-gas emissions,” Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in the majority opinion.

“Specifically, the agency may not treat greenhouse gases as a pollutant for purposes of defining a ‘major emitting facility’ … in the [permitting] context or a ‘major source’” Scalia wrote. “To the extent its regulations purport to do so, they are invalid.”

The decision was welcomed by power companies, as well as the oil and gas industry, because the rules also extended to refineries and other large manufacturing facilities.

“Today’s decision will help to ensure that permitting requirements fall within the authority granted by Congress,” said Harry Ng, vice president and general counsel at the American Petroleum Institute.

“It is a stark reminder that the EPA’s power is not unlimited. Any new rules should be designed to complement – not strangle – the manufacturing renaissance America is experiencing thanks to new energy production,” Ng said in a statement.

The Supreme Court’s decision, however, does not affect upcoming regulations limiting carbon dioxide emissions on new and existing power plants. EPA regulations on existing power plants aim to cut carbon emissions 30 percent by 2030.

Emissions limits on new and existing power plants would force the retirement of 19 percent of the U.S. coal plant fleet and cut coal production by up to 28 percent, according to the EPA’s own analysis.

“Under the provisions of this rule, EPA projects that approximately 46 to 49 GW of additional coal-fired generation (about 19 percent of all coal-fired capacity and 4.6 percent of total generation capacity in 2020) may be removed from operation by 2020,” the EPA said in its regulatory impact analysis.

The EPA’s power plant rule, couples with other power plant rules, is projected to raise electricity prices 10 percent by 2020, according to an analysis by the American Action Forum. Consumers could pay $150 more each year for electricity due to Obama administration regulations.

The Supreme Court’s ruling also does not strike down the EPA’s ability to require industrial facilities and power plants to get permits for emitting traditional pollutants already being regulated by the agency.

“EPA is getting almost everything it wanted in this case,” wrote Scalia, adding that the EPA will be able to regulate 83 percent of carbon dioxide emissions under the court’s ruling — close to the EPA’s goal of regulating 86 percent of carbon emissions.

Source: http://dailycaller.com/2014/06/23/supreme-court-strikes-down-first-phase-of-epas-global-warming-agenda/

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IRS CANCELLED Contract with Email-Storage Firm Weeks After Lerner’s Computer Crash

Even if the contract was cancelled, the emails should still be somewhere archived. If they cancelled with this company, which company are they contracted with now?  There is so much corruption in the IRS and this whole administration.  EB

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) cancelled its longtime relationship with an email-storage contractor just weeks after ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s computer crashed and shortly before other IRS officials’ computers allegedly crashed.

The IRS signed a contract with Sonasoft, an email-archiving company based in San Jose, California, each year from 2005 to 2010. The company, which partners with Microsoft and counts The New York Times among its clients, claims in its company slogans that it provides “Email Archiving Done Right” and “Point-Click Recovery.” Sonasoft in 2009 tweeted, “If the IRS uses Sonasoft products to backup their servers why wouldn’t you choose them to protect your servers?”

Sonasoft was providing “automatic data processing” services for the IRS throughout the January 2009 to April 2011 period in which Lerner sent her missing emails.

But Sonasoft’s six-year business relationship with the IRS came to an abrupt end at the close of fiscal year 2011, as congressional investigators began looking into the IRS conservative targeting scandal and IRS employees’ computers started crashing left and right.

Sonasoft’s fiscal year 2011 contract with the IRS ended on August 31, 2011. Eight days later, the IRS officially closed out its relationship with Sonasoft in accordance with the federal government’s contract close-out guidelines, which require agencies to fully audit their contracts and to get back any money that wasn’t used by the contractor. Curiously, the IRS de-allocated 36 cents when it closed out its contract with Sonasoft on September 8, 2011.

Lois Lerner’s computer allegedly crashed in June 2011, just ten days after House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Dave Camp first wrote a letter asking if the IRS was engaging in targeting of nonprofit groups. Two months later, Sonasoft’s contract ended and the IRS gave its email-archiving contractor the boot.

IRS official and frequent White House visitor Nikole Flax allegedly suffered her own computer crash in December 2011, three months after the IRS ended its relationship with Sonasoft.
Read more:  http://dailycaller.com/2014/06/22/irs-cancelled-contract-with-email-storage-firm-weeks-after-lerners-computer-crash/#ixzz35PGO9cXh



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Steve Scalise, a Rising Conservative Star

Steve Scalise.jpg

“Reinvigorating the leadership” is how one senior House staffer described the ascendency of Steve Scalise, the Louisiana Republican who won a first-ballot victory for the position of GOP whip.

The staffer went on to portray Scalise as not a member of the Washington establishment. Indeed, Scalise is a former chair of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), the conservative caucus in the U.S. House. He has had a meteoric rise, and he is someone to be reckoned with.

Scalise’s win follows Kevin McCarthy’s first-ballot victory for the GOP majority-leader slot. And here’s something I did not know: As whip, Scalise gets to appoint his chief deputy whip, a leadership position most recently held by Illinois Republican Peter Roskam (who lost out to Scalise for majority whip). So it could be, when all is said and done, that two conservative RSC members are part of the GOP leadership.

And make no mistake about it, Steve Scalise is a genuine conservative. He was one of only 15 Republican House members to get a 100 percent voting designation by the American Conservative Union.

National Review contributor Quin Hillyer put it this way: “Scalise will be the most conservative GOP leadership member since Dick Armey.”

I had a chance to interview the newly elected whip just before he hustled out of his office to catch a plane to New Orleans. Scalise described himself as a pro-growth Republican who is in favor of tax reform that would lower marginal rates and simplify the code.

“I believe this would help generate an economic boom,” he told me.

Scalise also emphasized that he is completely against the redistributionist policies coming out of the White House, especially the minimum-wage hike, which he believes would do more harm than good. (On this point, I note that Wall Street Journal editorialist Jason Riley has just written a book, Please Stop Helping Us, in which he argues that minimum-wage increases over the past five decades have caused the black unemployment rate to roughly double the white rate.)

After speaking with Scalise, I don’t think there is any question that he is a Laffer-curve disciple who clearly understands the link between low tax rates and high economic growth. And when I asked him about corporate tax reform, he told me he’d like to eliminate the corporate tax altogether. Definitely my kind of guy.

Scalise also favors strict federal-government spending limits and opposes the Senate’s plan for a gas-tax hike. “The states should have much more responsibility for infrastructure building,” he said. “In fact, the existing Highway Trust Fund should be put back to the states where they can make their own priorities and take full responsibility.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Scalise is very skeptical about possible immigration reform. “I’m not for amnesty. People must play by the rules. And border enforcement must come first,” Scalise told me. He then added, “The president is not to be trusted on this.”

I have written many times that sensible immigration reform will be pro-growth in economic terms and pro-GOP politically. But I acknowledge that the current chaos of 60,000 children crossing the border into Texas, with no action from the White House (Obama so far refuses to call out the National Guard), is a catastrophe that is going to set back virtually all prospects for immigration reform — at least for this session of Congress.

Newly elected majority leader Kevin McCarthy favors immigration reform, as does Speaker John Boehner. And while I don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth, it sounds like Scalise will oppose that policy as majority whip.

He also may be very tough on upcoming appropriations bills. Scalise told me he had voted against the compromise budget deal put together by Republican congressman Paul Ryan and Democratic senator Patty Murray. What’s more, expect him to vote against reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank and any expansions for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

In any event, Scalise’s rapid rise to power is making him a star. He is going to be a force. And as a representative of the Southern House Republicans and the Republican Study Committee, he is going to steer a conservative course that will move the center of gravity for the GOP House leadership at least a bit to the right.

To reference Quin Hillyer once more, Scalise also knows how to be a conservative “without being mad about it.” From my numerous interviews with him, I completely agree.

So besides sticking to his conservative principles, Scalise is likely to be an effective whip as well. In other words, Mr. Scalise’s upward path is nowhere near over.

Source: http://www.moneynews.com/LarryKudlow/Steve-Scalise-GOP-Whip-Republican-Conservative/2014/06/20/id/578444/

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GOP Rep. Introduces Bill to Send Thousands of National Guard Troops to Border

Arizona Republican Rep. Dave Schweikert is calling for thousands of troops to be sent to states bordering Mexico to deal with the large influx of undocumented immigrants.

“The drastic increase of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) being apprehended and detained by federal agents along our southwestern border is causing resources to be diverted away from other Department of Homeland Security (DHS) missions,” Schweikert said Tuesday. “This diversion is stretching the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) thin and causing a troubling impact on our national security.” 

“That is unacceptable,” he added.

The border state lawmaker introduced a bill Tuesday calling for at least 10,000 members of the National Guard to be deployed at the request of any governor of a state that shares a border with Mexico.

There, guard members would act to support border protection operations and would remain until either the United States gets control of the border or the governor withdraws his or her request for assistance.

“The Southwest Border Protection Act of 2014 would assist in refocusing our border security programs and secure DHS and CBP’s focus on illegal smuggling of drugs, individuals, and other transnational criminal activities,” Schweikert said.

In recent months the southwest border has been inundated with tens of thousands of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children and family units from Central America amid violence, poverty, and rumors of a free pass into America.

The situation has been deemed an “urgent humanitarian situation” by President Obama, while many Republican lawmakers have pointed the finger of blame squarely at his administration for failing to secure the border and stirring up the impression that undocumented immigrants can get amnesty in the United States through his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

“Thanks to your Administration’s failure to enforce United States immigration law, our Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents are being overwhelmed by the current surge in illegal immigration,” Schweikert wrote in a letter to Obama Tuesday, demanding he deploy the National Guard.

“History has proven that the deployment of our National Guard to the southwest border has increased border security while deterring illegal immigration,” he added, concluding that failing to take immediate action will “have dire consequences on our national security.”

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/06/18/GOP-Rep-Introduces-Bill-To-Send-Thousands-Of-Nal-t-Guard-Troops-To-Border

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Report from the House Oversight Committee…IRS scandal goes to the top….

Most of us have know all along that the IRS scandal began in the White House. This report from the Oversight committee report has it outlined. Now, there needs to be some consequences for this lawless administration.


When the President speaks, people listen. The Presidential Bully Pulpit is a unique and indisputably powerful tool available to the President alone to persuade Americans and shape a national agenda. President Barack Obama – a highly celebrated speaker noted for his oratory – exerts this power with uncommon vigor. President Obama’s ability to command the rapt attention of the national news media, and by extension the American people, has become his most effective and favored rhetorical tool. With his Bully Pulpit, President Obama wields the power to singlehandedly shape the national dialogue. In this case, President Obama’s Bully Pulpit led to the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative tax-exempt applicants.
On the evening of January 27, 2010, President Barack Obama stood in the chamber of the House of Representatives to deliver his annual State of the Union Address. Speaking to the assembled audience of Congressmen, Senators, Cabinet officials, and Supreme Court Justices – and to the millions of Americans watching on television – President Obama delivered a stunning rebuke of the Supreme Court. “With all due deference to separation of powers,” the President intoned, “last week the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections.”

The President continued: “I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests, or worse by foreign entities. They should be decided by the American people. And I’d urge Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill that helps to correct some of these problems.”
The Supreme Court decision, of course, was its Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision, in which the Court affirmed free speech by striking down certain arbitrary limits on political spending.

POLL: Do you believe the United States government is beginning to resemble a totalitarian regime?

The bill the President urged to be passed became known as the DISCLOSE Act, sponsored by Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-MD).
In the months after the President’s State of the Union Address, he kept up the rhetorical assault as he railed against the decision in campaign-style speeches across the country. In these speeches, the President called conservative groups “shadowy” entities with “innocuous” and “benign-sounding” names that “are running millions of dollars of attack ads against Democratic candidates.”

Calling them “phony” and “front groups,” the President urged a “fix” to the Citizens United decision, which he believed allowed these nefarious groups to “pose” as nonprofits.
The White House, Remarks by the President in the State of the Union Address (Jan. 27, 2010). The President’s allies in Congress and elsewhere echoed this call, working to aggressively to delegitimize the Court’s decision and Constitutional protections for nonprofit political speech.

The President’s rhetoric against Citizens United and so-called “shadow” groups “posing” as nonprofits led to the IRS’s targeting of conservative tax-exempt applicants. The Committee’s investigation shows that as the President generated attention to the issue of nonprofit political speech in 2010, IRS employees followed his public messaging. With jurisdiction over nonprofits and tax law, IRS employees read and acted upon the news reports. In this way, the IRS targeting is – and always has been – rooted in political machinations. Put simply, as the President’s political rhetoric drove the national dialogue and shaped public opinion, the IRS received and responded to the political stimuli.
A review of evidence available to the Committee substantiates this conclusion. In February 2010, the IRS identified and elevated the initial conservative tax-exempt applications due to concerns about media attention surrounding the Tea Party. Likewise, in September 2010, in response to an article in a tax-law journal, former IRS official Lois Lerner initiated a “c4 project” to assess the political activity of certain nonprofits.7 In October 2010, after reading news reports that nonprofits were becoming increasingly active in political speech following Citizens United, the Justice Department arranged a meeting with the IRS to discuss the decision’s effect on campaign finance law.
Most tellingly, Lerner talked in October 2010 about political pressure on the IRS to “fix the problem” posed by Citizens United, saying that “everyone is up in arms” about the decision and that “everybody is screaming at [the IRS] right now: ‘fix it now before the election.’”
In the months since the initial outrage about the IRS targeting faded from public view, congressional Democrats have sought to downplay the IRS wrongdoing. For it to be scandal, they said, the President himself must be personally involved. For it to merit attention, they argued, the White House must have ordered the targeting. For the public outrage to be warranted, these Democrats alluded, there must be a direct link from the Oval Office to the IRS. Hiding behind these straw men, the defenders of the Obama Administration claimed that the absence of a direct order to target conservatives necessarily meant that there was no political element to the IRS targeting.
The Committee’s investigation shows that the IRS targeting was political. It was political in both its genesis and its effect. The IRS targeting was the result of political pressure on the agency to “fix the problem” of nonprofit political speech. This political pressure was generated by campaign-style rhetoric from President Obama and his allies in opposition to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and so-called “shadowy” groups “posing” as nonprofits. As a result of the IRS targeting, hundreds of tax-exempt applicants were singled out for scrutiny on undeniably political grounds – that is, that they intended to engage in political speech.

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