When Comes to Benghazi the Left Believes – A lie told often enough becomes the truth – Part 2

Posted on May 28, 2013 by Old Marine

Welcome back to the second half of confusing the Left with facts. Once again I will remind the readers that this will deal with body count and I fully realize that this may sound coldhearted, but that the way it is, there is no sugar coating when it comes to the FACTS.

March 2, 2006: Once again, the Left will distort the facts to bash Bush. According to Bob Cesca, “Suicide bomber attacks the U.S. Consulate killing four people, including U.S. diplomat David Foy who was directly targeted by the attackers.” This was echoed by Shwetika Baijal, who embellished and stretched the fact when he wrote, “U.S. Diplomat David Foy was specifically targeted in the third attack in as many years on the Karachi consulate compound.” Now, it is tragic when anyone loses their life to a terrorist attack, particularly an American citizen, serving our country, BUT first off, through all the LSM reported that David Coy was a diplomat. When in fact “he was” as one American official said “in charge of maintenance at the consulate.” Not to diminish Mr. Foy’s death or his service, but being in charge of maintenance does not sound like “one employed or skilled in diplomacy”.

Now, as far as the attack, was it a deliberate attack on Mr. Foy and was prevented when a “vehicle was intercepted by Rangers as it tried to ram into the diplomat’s vehicle near the consulate.” Or did David Foy, his driver as well as a Pakistani soldier die in an attempt to prevent the bomber from reaching the consulate?. If the latter is true, that Mr. Foy and the two Pakistanis died as heroes, much like Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. (Does this sound like Mr. Foy was specifically targeted as Mr. Baijal embellished?…OM)

President Bush, once again spoke out immediately while in India (unlike our current POTUS, who knew of the attack in Benghazi, and disappeared…..OM), “We have lost at least one US citizen in the bombing, a Foreign Service officer, and I send our country’s deepest condolences to that person’s loved ones and family. Terrorists and killers are not going to prevent me from going to Pakistan.” Once again, acknowledging that it was a terrorist attack.

According to Ms. Molly Gum’s “scoreboard” only 2 people died. And this woman teaches children? Yet, both Baijal & Ceasca got the FACTS wrong, but the body count right even IF they included the murderer.

September 12, 2006: Once again, Bob Cesca distorts the facts, Shwertika Baijal along with Molly Gum’s echo these distortions, either of the three bothered to checked or publish the facts. Cesca wrote “Four armed gunmen shouting “Allahu akbar” storm the U.S. Embassy using grenades, automatic weapons, a car bomb and a truck bomb. Four people are killed, 13 are wounded.”

Yes, four gunmen attacked the embassy, BUT three of the four in the Left’s scoreboard, were the attacking murderers and the other was one of the thirty Syrian security guards protecting the embassy.

Yes, there was a car explosion CLOSE to the embassy, but it wasa relatively small explosion due to possibility having been caused by grenades instead of being a car bomb. There was a truck bomb as well as other explosive devices DISARMED by Syrian security.

Yes, there were a number of civilians wounded in the attack; these included seven telephone company workers who were working in the area near the embassy as well as two Iraqi citizens. A senior Chinese diplomat was also injured by flying shrapnel while standing on the roof of the garage of the Chinese embassy. By my and NY Times report that is ten wounded as collateral damage, eleven if you count one of the attackers.

The U.S. embassy was not breached; there were no injuries of embassy personnel or the Marine guards assigned to the embassy and as the statement issued by the Syrian Embassy in Washington said, “In accordance with the Geneva Convention, Syria performed its duties in the best possible manner to protect the U.S. Embassy. . . . Syrian security forces took the full brunt of the attack.” (Just where does this even come close to being anything like Benghazi?…OM)

March 18, 2008: Once again the Left gets it wrong, “Members of the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic Jihad of Yemen fire a mortar at the U.S. Embassy. The shot misses the embassy, but hits nearby school killing two.

During this attack in which three mortar rounds were fired (How many were fired during the two attacks at Benghazi?….OM) which resulted in one security guard at a school was killed and 18 injured at a Girls school, 5 of which were security guards and 13 students.

There was disagreement between Yemeni authorities and the State Department, the initial report was that this mortar attack “might be linked to a dispute between a teacher and school administrators. The school had received a warning just two days earlier from the teacher’s family In fact, Yemen’s ambassador to the United States, Abdulwahab Abdulla al-Hajjri, said the attack was “a private dispute. The target was someone inside the school,” al-Hajjri said. “It had nothing to do with the U.S. Embassy. The U.S. Embassy was not a target.“ State Department said U.S. Embassy officials in Yemen had concluded that the attack was “directed against our embassy. Yet, even though the left would like to have us believe, there were no embassy personnel killed or injured.

BTW, there was no mention of al-Qaeda-linked Islamic Jihad of Yemen. I would like to see a link from the Left that this was the case.

July 9, 2008: This is another case of where the Left doesn’t seem to want the FACTS to get in the way of propaganda. According to Bob Cesca, “Four armed terrorists attack the U.S. Consulate. Six people are killed.”Once again this is echoed by our Progressive English teacher, Molly Gum, who didn’t bother to check the facts. However, Shwetika Baijalin did manage to get it right as “Three Turkish policemen were killed when gunman fired on the U.S. Consulate Istanbul, Turkey as four attackers drove up to the high-walled compound of the U.S. Consulate and started shooting the security guards. The gun battle took the lives of three of the attackers but the fourth one drove off. No Americans were injured or killed. Once again, the assault targeted police at a guard post at the entrance to the consulate which was manned by Turkish nationals who as stated before are responsible for security the area outside of the embassy.

September 17, 2008: According to the Left, particularly the original article posted on Daily Kos, “U.S. embassy in Sana’a, Yemen Militants dressed as policemen attacked the embassy with RPGs, rifles, grenades and car bombs. Six Yemeni soldiers and seven civilians were killed. Sixteen more were injured.” This was exaggerated by Bob Cesca when he wrote, “Sixteen people are killed, including an American student and her husband (they had been married for three weeks when the attack occurred).” Needless to say our Progressive English teacher’s “scoreboard” echoes 16 as the number of those killed. Once again, the numbers don’t match and the facts seem to fall by the way side.

Yes, there was another attack on the embassy in Yemen, there had been three attacks since the 2000 attack on the U.S.S. Cole that occurred under Clinton’s watch that cost 17 American sailors their lives.

During this attack on the embassy, six Yemeni guards, who were assigned to sentry duty OUTSIDE the embassy and were killed in the line of duty defending the embassy. Also there were four innocent bystanders, who were waiting for entrance to the embassy, one of which was an American. As cold hearted as this may sound, is this any different from the soldiers and dependents waiting for service at Ft. Hood? Is this any different from the drive by shootings that take place almost daily in Chicago?

Wait a minute, six Yemeni security officers plus four innocent bystanders killed equals TEN victims of the attack, the Left puts the count at sixteen, OH YES to bash Bush, the Left includes the SIX attackers that were killed by the Yemeni security forces.

Once again, the Bush State Department came out and as U.S. Ambassador Ross Wilson said, “the attack was an obvious act of terrorism.” Unlike the regime’s State Department continued for many weeks to blame a video for the attack at Benghazi.

According to the left’s scoreboard, there were 60 deaths at U.S. embassies under President BUT in reality there were:

American Personnel Killed – 2 (One of which was an innocent bystander) (Benghazi 4)

Host Nation Security Personnel Killed doing their job – 26

Host Nation Employees of Embassy/Consulate Killed – 16

Innocent bystanders (Non American) – 3

Total according to the facts – 47 (60 according to Left’s Scoreboard)

As the Left continues to try to bash Bush and even claimed that these diplomatic attacks showed that Bush was weak, may I remind them, Bush and his State Department were MAN enough and STRONG enough to stand up and call the attacks for what they were, TERRORISM and did not change the “talking points” to blame the attack on Benghazi on an obscure video.

President Bush was engaged and came out in many incidences made remarks about the attacks, while our current POTUS knew of the attacks and “disappeared”.

The Left is so blind that they fail to see the REAL differences between these attacks and Benghazi. In all of the attacks listed on the “scoreboard” the majority of those killed were host country security forces who died in the line of duty, defending the American embassies on host country soil. What did the consulate at Benghazi have for defense? None, even AFTER ambassador Stevens requested additional security. Isn’t this the same as the 1998 attack on the embassy in Nairobi that killed 217 people, 12 of which were Americans?

At Benghazi, the attacks took place at night by well armed TERRORISTS and the White House knew about it, YET didn’t send any help, even though the attack lasted over eight hours instead of the few minutes to a few hours as in the case of the attacks listed by the Left. The only help that Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith had were two brave American Patriots, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, who may have disobeyed orders and rushed to DEFEND and attempt to save Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith. These brave men were NOT paid to defend the consulate as were the 26 security personnel who bravely fought off the attacks on the various embassies; Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty saw their duty and did it.

The Left also asks where were the “Outraged” GOP after these attacks? May I asked the Left, “Where was your outrage? After all three of the attacks happened while the Left had control of Congress?” Was the Left more worried about politics then attacks on our embassies?

The Left doesn’t realize or understand that radical Muslim terrorists target embassies or or civilian targets because these cowards want easy targets.

Speaking for me, the outrage I feel over Benghazi is the pure fact that the current administration left four Americans to die without even seeming to be interested or concerned, lied about it being a terrorist attack and above all, SHOWING WEAKNESS to our enemies and showing weakness can only bring more attacks, just look at the past.

What do you think? Let me know.

Semper Fi,

Old Marine

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