When Comes to Benghazi the Left Believes – A lie told often enough becomes the truth*

Posted on May 28, 2013 by Old Marine

As scandals swirl around the Obama regime like flies flying around Obama in the Rose garden, the left has come out fighting, distorting and deflecting in an attempt to confuse the sheeple who are not paying attention about Benghazi. The Left do this by targeting their favorite “enemy” and using the time worn phase, “Well Bush did…” or “Bush hired ….” Or as we constantly heard during BH0’s first reign, “It’s all Bush’s fault.” As usual; the problem with this is the facts are ignored or distorted. Case in point, THE TOTAL DERELECTION OF DUTY by our State Department and ultimately BH0, that not only cost four brave Americans, U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, their lives, but shows a common pattern of deflection and denial that seems to take place within a Liberal run State Department and Progressive Secretary of State.

Christopher Stevens

Christopher Stevens

Sean Smith

Sean Smith

Tyrone Woods

Tyrone Woods

Glen Doherty

Glen Doherty






As the Critters, lead by Rep Issa, who’s “investigation” of ACORN and Fast & Furious lead to nothing, attempt to get to the bottom of the Benghazi, Bob Cesca puts out a distorted article “13 Benghazi that Occurred on Bush’s Watch Without a Peep from Fox News” which was taken from an article posted less then 24 hours AFTER the deadly attack in Benghazi (Was the Left already prepared to defend the regime?…OM). Media Matters and other Obamabots continue to propagate the propaganda. One such Obamabot, Molly Gum of the Blue Street Journal, “… a high school English teacher, an independent small investor, a progressive Democrat, and a closeted Sarah McLachlan fan” even posted a “scoreboard” of embassy deaths that occurred under former President Bush. Which has seemed to have been scrubbed from her Facebook & Twitter account. But I do have it!

Now, I realize that she is just echoing the Left’s propaganda and its attempt to distract from the lack of SECURITY and the lying to the American people about Benghazi in order to win an election.

I fully realize that I may sound cold hearted and this maybe a macabre post since I will be dealing with bodycounts, but lies are being spread and a correction needs to be made the “Left’s Scoreboard”. So before we look at the difference between Benghazi and “the embassy deaths under President Bush” lets look at the FACTS and though the FACTS may confuse the Left or get in the way of their narrative, lets take a look at what really happened and maybe people will see why the left is talking about apples and Conservatives are talking about oranges. I will also warn you, this post continues a number of links, something the left does seem to include in their propaganda. I would like to ask, where are the talking heads, the radio show hosts, who are suppose to stand for the truth and allowed this to stand unopposed.

January 22, 2002: According to the Left, the Embassy/Consulate was attacked in Kolkata (Calcutta) and 5 persons killed. FACT: “Heavily-armed gunman attacked the U.S. Government’s information center NEAR the American consulate in Calcutta, killing 5 and injuring sixteen, three critically. The victims were members of either the Calcutta police or Group Four, a private security agency. The attackers refused to stop at checkpoints, shooting at the police guards.NO AMERICANS or American security were involved and it WAS NOT an attack on a consulate or embassy. It happened near the consulate. Why should the GOP be outraged? It did not involve Bush refusing security for the consulate or lying to the American public. America had NO control over the Calcutta Police.

June 14, 2002: Seems the Left will do anything to bash Bush. They claim that 12 people were killed at the U.S. Consulate in Karachi. FACT: Yes 12 people were killed by “a truck with a fertilizer bomb driven by a suicide bomber that went off outside the US Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan. 12 people were killed and 51 injured – all Pakistanis.” One of which was the suicide bomber, so in order to blame Bush for a higher body count, the Left added the murderer. Later, “several people were arrested in the aftermath of the attack, and were reported to be members of Harkat-ul-Mujahideen. “ (Unlike our current POTUS who knows who and where some of the KILLERS involved in the Benghazi attack are, yet does NOTHING)

Is this attack any different from the truck bombings of the embassies in Kenya in 1998, when truck bombs exploded simultaneously in Nairobi, where approximately 217 people were killed, 12 of which were Americans, and an estimated 4,000 wounded and in Dar es Salaam, where the attack killed at least 11 and wounded 85? Strange that 8 months before the attack, Lee Reed, the senior Security adviser at Nairobi embassy sent info to the State Department stating, “That the embassy was vulnerable for attack.” Nothing was done by Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State, Madeline Albright’s State Department. The ambassador, Prudence Busnell, also sent a letter to Ms Albright about the security and a tip that their maybe an attack on the embassy, but received no reply. After the attack, when the Ambassador talked to the Secretary of State about the letter warning of the lack of security and a warning of the attack, Madeline Albright said, “She didn’t get it or didn’t remember.”[1] DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? I guess Hillary figured it worked once for the first female liberal Secretary of State, it should work for her.

February 28, 2003: I have to admit this is one of the most confusing items on the list. When one searches, a number of sites cite “February 28, 2003. … The shot misses the embassy, but hits nearby school killing two” Yet, when you visit the sites you read “Islamabad, Pakistan. Several gunmen fire upon the U.S. Embassy. Two people are killed.” IF the shots missed the embassy and killed two at a school, THEN this is no worst then the drive by shootings that takes place in BH0’s hometown of Chicago. However, on February 28, 2003, there were two people killed in Karachi, when “…gunmen killed two police officers and wounded five other officers and a civilian in front of the consulate. The attack was conducted from motorcycles, and was deliberately aimed at the paramilitary rangers who have taken over guard duties at the consulate from the Pakistani police.” Remember, the host country is suppose to supply security OUTSIDE the embassy/consulate on their soil, so one has got to ask, JUST WHAT RESPONSIBILITY does the U.S. have over the host country’s police?

Was this a simple mistake in geography or didn’t any one on the Left bother to check the FACTS? After all even CNN got it right.

June 30, 2004: This is the perfect example of liars not getting their facts straight or worst yet, people posting without checking the facts. Again a search of the web for information about this attack shows a number of Blog sites citing this attack, BUT no “reputable” sources. HOWEVER, a piece on Wikipedia, states, “On July 30, 2004, suicide bombers struck the entrances of the US and Israeli embassies in Tashkent. Two Uzbek security guards were killed in both bombings” It appears that again the Left is attempting to bash Bush by miss stating the real facts such as, “A U.S. Embassy official said NO (my emphasis) Americans were injured as a result of the blast.” At least, Shwetika Baijal got the date right, facts may haven distorted. Once again, host country security was killed, and again the U.S. had no authority over the protection/defense of those victims.

December 6, 2004: The interesting, actually sad thing about the Left propagandists is how they will distort the FACTS to deflect people’s attention, “Great liars are also great magicians” **. Case in point is the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Yes, five gunmen stormed the consulate, which happened to be the most heavily guarded building in Saudi Arabia, unlike Benghazi even AFTER the State Department issued a Travel warning in JULY [X], and fought a three hour battle with SAUDI security forces. Unlike Benghazi, where the POTUS knew about the attack, went to “bed” and left the defense of the consulate to two brave American PATRIOTS who volunteered to defend the consulate.

The embassy said that five non American employees, including a security guard of the consulate were killed. The Saudi security forces reported that four of their personnel were killed. Yes, the left’s scoreboard does show nine killed, BUT four of those killed were Saudi security forces who died doing their job DEFENDING the Consulate, much like a police officer who unfortunately dies in the line protecting the citizens of a community.

Speaking on the attack President Bush said, “the terrorists are still on the move…. They want us to leave Saudi Arabia, they want us to leave Iraq, they want us to grow timid and weary in the face of their willingness to kill randomly, kill innocent people.” (At least President Bush ADMITTED that it was a terrorize attack and didn’t send his minions out to lie about it.)

Unlike previous “scores” on the Left’s “scoreboard” they didn’t include the four attackers that were killed by the security forces, three during the attack and one died later in the hospital. Maybe the figure of just the nine killed in the attack, 5 in the consulate and the 4 of security forces was enough to twist the facts and bash Bush. IF they would have followed their pattern of lies, the score would be 13.

Let’s take a seventh inning stretch and have a half time review of the “score” before continuing on to Part Two:

American Personnel Killed – 0. Zip. None (Benghazi 4)

Host Nation Security Personnel Killed doing their job – 13

Host Nation Employees of Embassy/Consulate Killed – 16

Killers/Murders/Terrorist Killed – 5

The totals do not vibe with the Left’s “scoreboard” mainly because when the Left wants to increase body count for their propaganda, the pick and chose whether to include the murders in their count.

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* Vladimir Lenin

[1] Interviews from Matrix of Terror , Al Queada’s First strike broadcasted on the Military Channel. Video copy on file.

** Adolf Hitler

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